Facebook to Launch Dedicated Section to Debunk ‘Myths’ About Coronavirus

By | July 19, 2020
Facebook to Launch Dedicated Section to Debunk ‘Myths’ About Coronavirus

Facebook to Launch Dedicated Section to Debunk ‘Myths’ About Coronavirus


New Delhi: Facebook has announced that it will launch ‘Facts About Covid-19’-a dedicated section-on its social media platform next week to limit the spread of misinformation about the pandemic. Also Read – WhatsApp-Facebook Get Green Signal to Sue Israeli Surveillance Group For Illegally Sending Malware to About 1,400 Prominent People

It will debunk common myths that have been identified by the World Health Organisation (WHO) such as drinking bleach will prevent the coronavirus or that taking hydroxychloroquine can prevent Covid-19. “This week we are launching a dedicated section of the Covid-19 Information Center called Facts about Covid-19,” the company said in a statement Also Read – This Facebook Robot Walks on Power Lines to Install Fibre-Optic Cable

“This is the latest step in our ongoing work to fight misinformation about the pandemic,” they added. Also Read – Google, Facebook, Microsoft Join Harvard University in Lawsuit Against US Student Visa Rule

To help keep everyone safe and informed, the company is putting alerts at the top of the Facebook app and Instagram to remind people to wear masks.

“We have connected over two billion people to resources from health authorities through our Covid-19 Information Centre and pop-ups on Facebook and Instagram with over 600 million people clicking through to learn more,” the company informed.

Since January, people have raised over $100 million for Covid-19 related fundraisers on Facebook and Instagram, they said.

Meanwhile, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has slammed the Donald Trump administration for the way it has handled the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to the Facebook CEO, the US response to the disease has been less effective when compared to even many developing countries.

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