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Free Fire OB28 update full patch notes: New character, Mini UZI, weapon balance, and more features

Free Fire OB28 update full patch notes: New character, Mini UZI, weapon balance, and more features
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Free Fire OB28 update full patch notes: New character, Mini UZI, weapon balance, and more features

Garena releases a model recent Free Hearth change roughly every two months, which retains the sport tantalizing. Because of this, gamers are glued to the title for a number of weeks.

The subsequent major change, i.e., OB28, will doable be rolled out on June Eighth, i.e., day after as of late. There’ll doable be recent factors and changes within the patch that may per probability little doubt originate the trip higher.


The builders beget launched patch notes for the Free Hearth OB28 change, and this text gives a excessive stage considered the equivalent.

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Free Hearth OB28 patch notes

Battle Squad

Contemptible Season 7

  • Battle Squad Season 7 begins June Ninth
  • Gamers will glean ‘Golden M1014’ for reaching a foul of Gold III and above

Current foul: Grandmaster

Excessive 1000 gamers mettlesome gamers will doable be promoted to Grandmaster

  • Grandmaster I – Participant Contemptible 1-100
  • Grandmaster II – Participant Contemptible 101-300
  • Grandmaster III – Participant Contemptible 301-1000

Battle Royale (Conventional)

Merchandising machine

  • Loot and earn prohibit adjustment
  • Added ammo and armor restore tools
  • Elevated earn prohibit for apparent objects.
  • Optimized loot on the bottom

Revival machine

  • Time to connect the revival stage: 14s ->33s
  • Revival Level cooldown: 150s ->180s
  • Revival Components per recreation: 9 ->8

Contemptible stage adjustment

  • Enlarge the whole output ranking ranking of every match for all ranges.

Teaching Island

  • Enlarge the talent of the Teaching Location from 20->25
  • Added airship within the social zone
  • Added Bumper autos within the flee be acutely aware
  • Leaderboard added to battle zones.

Pet Rumble mode

  • The matchmaking readily accessible on June Ninth.
  • 4 recent mini-games added to the scientists’ duties.
  • A recent talent – “Lure” is instantly accessible for the pranksters.

Weapon and balances

Current grenade – Ice Grenade (Readily available in Battle Royale & Battle Squad)

  • Explosion Hurt: 100
  • Explosion radius: 5 meters
  • Ice frost radius: 5 meters
  • Ice frost length: 10 seconds
  • Gamers contained within the frost zone can beget lower movement tempo by 10%, hearth value by 20%. Moreover they may 5-10 wound/s.

Current weapon – Mini UZI (Readily available in Battle Royale & Battle Squad)

  • Base Hurt: 17
  • Cost of fireside: 0.055
  • Sequence of bullets: 18
  • Attachments: None

M1917 – Weapon stats adjustment

  • Minimal wound elevate: 36 ->45
  • Enlarge efficient differ: +25%

Kord – Weapon stats adjustment

  • Accuracy: +28%
  • Hearth value in Machine Gun Mode: +25%
  • Hurt multiplier to Gloo Partitions, oil barrels, and autos: +100->+120%

M60 – Weapon stats adjustment

  • Elevated wound in machine-gun mode: +5.
  • Hurt multiplier to Gloo Partitions, oil barrels, and autos: +60%

Kar98Good ample – Weapon stats adjustment

  • Hurt to legs and fingers: +25%
  • Hurt to the physique: -10%
  • Armor penetration: 0% -> +40%

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Pets and characters

Current persona: D-Bee

  • Potential: Bullet Beats – When fired whereas inviting, movement tempo elevated by 5/7/9/11/13/15%, accuracy elevated by 10/13/17/22/28/35%


  • Arms Dealing: 30/60/90/120/150/180– >45/60/75/90/105/120 will no longer absorb storage condominium


  • Tracing Steps improved
  • Scan radius: 30/35/40/40/45/50m– >50/55/60/65/70/75m
  • Scan length: 5/5.5/6/6/6.5/7s– >5/5.5/6/6.5/7/7.5s
  • Cooldown: 50 s-> 75/72/69/66/63/60s
  • Sharing enemy house to crew from talent stage 4 ->1


  • Interesting Shooter: Elevated Accuracy 10/14/18/22/26/30 ->10/13/17/22/28/35% whereas the utilization of the scope

Current pet: Dr. Beanie

  • Expertise: Dashy Duckwalk – When in a crouching house, the movement tempo will increase by 30/40/60%

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Gameplay and machine

  • Further utilities and grenade unhurried recent settings
  • The recent ambiance “grenade slot” is now readily accessible within the settings menu
  • In-game instruct instructions
  • In-game instruct instructions are actually readily accessible.
  • Speedy message optimization


  • Gamers can now allow/disable merchandising machines and respawn factors within the minimap.
  • Animations optimized for Katana.
  • Optimize background for persona web page.
  • Gamers can plot shut the foul to be displayed.

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