Buying guide: What you should know before buying gaming mice | best wireless gaming mice

Buying guide: What you should know before buying gaming mice | best wireless gaming mice
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Buying guide: What you should know before buying gaming mice | best wireless gaming mice

Buying guide: What you should know before buying gaming mice

Not all gaming mice are the same. Therefore, when buying one, you need to ask yourself a series of questions. To make your task easier, in this section we address the most frequent buyers. This way, you will be much more likely to be satisfied with your new gaming mouse.

best gaming mice

best gaming mice

What exactly is a gaming mouse?

Gamer mice are specially designed to get the most out of video games. In general, they have a characteristic ergonomic design that is visually very attractive. In some, their dimensions can even be modified. In addition, they offer magnificent advantages in terms of precision and sensitivity.

They allow different configurations to be stored and some even have an adjustable weight system to modify their weight. Another common feature of gaming mice is the large number of buttons they have. Of course, its price is much higher than that of conventional mice.

What types of gaming mice are there?

Gamer mice can be classified based on various criteria. However, perhaps the one that is most important is the type of sensor. In this way, it is possible to differentiate between a gaming mouse with an optical sensor and a laser sensor. In the following table, we briefly explain the characteristics of each one.

Type characteristics
With laser sensor They guarantee greater precision and offer worse performance on rough surfaces or on cloth mats.
With an optical sensor They do not offer very good advantages over transparent surfaces and infrared optical sensor technology is cheaper.

In which games are gaming mice used?

If yours are strategy games, first-person shooters, adventures, RPGs (Role Player Game), or MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Player Game), you need a gaming mouse. A different case is that of sports games like FIFA, PES, or NBA 2K, for which you need a gamepad.

Something similar happens with airplane simulators or with motor racing games. In this type of game, you usually use a specific control, be it a joystick or a steering wheel. At most, you are going to use the mouse to navigate through the menus, but anyone can do this task.

Advantages and disadvantages of gaming mice?

Whether you play video games or not, gamer mice can serve you well for their attractive ergonomic designs. In addition, they offer much higher levels of precision and sensitivity. To this must be added the fact that they are highly configurable. However, the consequence of all this is that they have a much higher cost.



●     More ergonomic

●     Very attractive designs

●     Highly customizable

●     Higher sensitivity values

High price

With or without cable?

The answer is clear: with cable. Do not hesitate for a moment! If you want a gaming mouse, you have to think that it will be one that connects through the USB port. Wireless ones offer less precision and sensitivity. And you run the risk of the connection failing at the most awkward moment. Or, even worse, run out of battery.

Do I need so many buttons?

The answer is yes, although not always. It depends on the type of games you want the mouse for. Of course, if you are going to play World of Warcraft type games, you are going to need a lot of buttons. Something similar can be said if you like first-person shooters. In the latter case, you will need less but still some extra help.

For whom is it advisable to buy a gaming mouse?

For anyone who plays video games regularly. Especially if you play very often and certain genres. Often times, having a good gaming mouse can be the difference between winning or losing. After all, participating is not always the most important thing.

In the same way, you may also be interested if you need a mouse with many buttons, with an ergonomic design or that offers great precision. And, there is no doubt that gaming mice offer a series of advantages that can be particularly useful in certain fields such as graphic design.

What care does a gaming mouse require?

In general, mice do not require great care. Of course, as with any electronic device, it is advisable to prevent them from coming into contact with water or suffering blows. Also, in the particular case of gaming mice, don’t let frustration lead you to download yourself into it, after all, the device is usually not to blame.

Purchase criteria

Next, we are going to study a series of fundamental criteria that you should consider in the process of buying a gaming mouse. This way, you will be more likely to be happy with your purchase. It is not ideal that after a few months you are no longer happy with the functions of your new mouse.

  • What types of games are you going to play
  • Comfort
  • Connection method
  • Shape, size, and weight
  • Grip
  • Grip type
  • Buttons
  • DPI – Sensitivity
  • Lifting distance
  • Sensor type
  • Update rate
  • Configuration and customization
  • Brand

What types of games are you going to play

logitech gaming mice

logitech gaming mice

You won’t need the same type of mouse for an FPS or First Person Shooter game as you would for MMORPG. For the first, you need a mouse with great precision, since you will have to point and shoot. In addition, you will need an almost immediate response speed. And, it is also essential that they are very comfortable.

To play MMORPGs like World of Warcraft, you will have other issues to consider. In general, you will need a mouse with a large number of programmable buttons. And while precision is not paramount for these games, it never hurts to have a mouse that is accurate enough.

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A common feature of gaming mice is that they have an ergonomic design. However, beyond this fact, the truth is that its ergonomics do not guarantee that you will feel comfortable with it. Our advice is that whenever you can, try the mouse to see how you feel with it.

Connection method

Regarding this point, basically two types of connection can be considered: wired and wireless. Our advice is to buy a mouse that connects via cable to the USB port. In general, wireless phones can have interference. In addition, wireless mice with high sensitivity tend to be very expensive.

amazon gaming mice

amazon gaming mice

Shape, size, and weight

There are wider and narrower mice. Longer and shorter. In the same way, there are them with very different forms. As you will see in some of the following criteria, the importance of form is not only reduced to an aesthetic question. It also has a fundamental relationship with the type of grip of the hand.

Some mice are designed for right-handed users only. Others, however, have a left-handed version. Some are intended to be used by both. In addition, many gaming mice include interchangeable weights to modify their center of gravity as you prefer, either to make them lighter or heavier.

When it comes to weight, most professional gamers chose the lightweight gaming mouse to reduce the weight of mouse which helps them to play more good in fps games.


When considering the grip the mouse offers, you should consider the type of finish. Often times, those with a rubber finish on the sides offer a better grip. In contrast, those with plastic surfaces do not offer the same levels of comfort. Also, another aspect to consider is the width of the mouse.

Grip type

This aspect is related to the shape and the grip of the mouse. When choosing it, it is important that you take into account what type of grip you have. This is determined by the position of the hand when you use the mouse. You can differentiate between flat palm, pincer-shaped hand, and fingertip.

The claw grip position is the most common and the one that allows you to have the most relaxed hand, most of the professional players of esports select the best claw grip mouse for their gaming career. The second is the best for playing shooters, although it can be more uncomfortable in the long run. Short and wide mice are ideal for this type of grip. The third, which is a kind of mixture of the first two, is the least common.


The number of buttons varies depending on the mouse model. However, don’t just think about the number of buttons, take into account their distribution as well. And, above all, do not forget to check the configuration and programming options. In any case, the truth is that if you play MMORPG, you will need a lot of buttons.

However, if what you like are action games, shooters, or first-person games, you will have more than enough with between 4 and 7 buttons. Of course, even in these cases, it can come in handy to have some more buttons to have macros with certain actions. Thus, you can configure them to use them with the most frequent actions.

DPI – Sensitivity

Sensitivity is determined by the number of movements a mouse requires for the cursor to move. The higher the sensitivity, the faster and more specific are your actions on the screen. The usual unit of measure for this magnitude is dots per inch or DPI (dots per inch).

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The most frequent maximum values ​​for gaming mice are between 2,000 and 10,000 DPI. A good level of sensitivity is especially relevant in FPS games or shooters in general. If you play these types of games, you should choose a mouse with a high maximum DPI number. And then you already choose the DPI that best suits your style.

Lifting distance

The lift distance is defined as the distance between the mouse and the surface at which it stops detecting movement. The best thing is that it can be configured since each surface requires a different distance. You may need to do this if you switch from a hard mouse pad to a soft one or vice versa.

Sensor type

When choosing the sensor, you can choose between an optical or a laser one. Until a few years ago, the laser sensor was considered to be more accurate. Today, the two technologies offer very similar advantages. From there, it is your decision to choose between one or the other.

Laser sensors use infrared lights that detect the surface. They are not recommended for use with rough or cloth rugs. Optics, on the other hand, do not work very well on metal or glass surfaces. This is because the light from the optics reflects off the surface.

Update rate

The refresh rate lets you know the time it takes for a mouse to send information to the computer. It is measured in megahertz (MHz). The larger it is, the shorter the time it takes for the mouse to send a signal. Ideally, the delay should be a maximum of 1 ms. For this, the update rate should be at least 1,000 MHz.

In that sense, to play, you should avoid wireless mice. These have a delay greater than that offered by those connected by cable. In addition, a loss of signal can occur randomly. When this happens, the computer may not correctly register a movement.

Configuration and customization

With a gaming mouse, specialization is mainly sought, and the more, the better. Therefore, the more configurable and customizable elements the mouse has, the better. And we are not talking about the colors and lighting. We refer to issues such as the number of buttons and their customization.

Having a shortcut button can be the difference between switching secondary weapons fast enough or not. Or it can determine how quickly you get to use a skill in a MOBA. Without a doubt, the number of configurable elements is one of the most important criteria for choosing the mouse.


Some of the best gaming mouse brands are VicTsing, Logitech, Sharkoon, Corsair, Razer, and SteelSeries. VicTsing has a great reputation for developing very beautiful mice with elegant designs. Logitech is a benchmark in the world of mice. Sharkoon is a brand focused directly on the gamer world.

Razer is the top-selling brand in the gaming mouse market. SteelSeries offers very good quality products. Our advice, as always, is to go for a quality manufacturer and avoid low-cost brands. In the long run, it pays to invest a little more.


For a gamer, the precision and sensitivity of a mouse are fundamental factors. Something similar happens with the possibility of having enough extra buttons to perform certain actions. Gamer mice are specially designed to meet these and other needs. Choosing a suitable gaming mouse is not an easy task. You need to take into account several factors. Some, like price or brand, is always present in a purchase decision. Nevertheless, they are not the only ones. You should also take into account others such as the update rate or the connection method.

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