Gehana Vasisth Reaction After Raj Kundra Arrest In Pornography Case

Gehana Vasisth Reaction After Raj Kundra Arrest In Pornography Case
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Gehana Vasisth Reaction After Raj Kundra Arrest In Pornography Case

Gehana Vasisth Reaction After Raj Kundra Arrest In Pornography Case

Mumbai. Raj Kundra, husband of Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty, was arrested by Mumbai Police for making obscene films and presented in court. The court has sent Raj Kundra to police custody till July 23. Now the statement of actress Gehana Vashistha has come on this. In this statement issued by her publicist and head of legal affairs, Flynn Remedios, the actress has said that the truth will come out soon. The actress says that Raj Kundra was not making obscene films, these are bold films.

‘No porn, normal videos’
Gehana Vashistha says that the videos that are being talked about should not be called pornographic films, these are bold videos. These are normal videos like Ekta Kapoor makes ‘Gandi Baat’. The actress has appealed that first those videos should be seen, which are being described as obscene. Not to be judged without seeing that they are obscene. Not every video falls into the category of porn. People should understand that there is a difference between erotic/bold and vulgar. Seeing the cover, it should not be said that if the video is found in someone’s car or laptop, then it is obscene or he has made videos.

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‘Don’t target a handful of people’
The actress further said that she has full faith in the Mumbai Police that she will not do anything wrong. Present things as they are. None of the videos are pornographic, only bold videos. Do not know how many producers-directors have been making such videos since long. Don’t target a handful of people all of a sudden.

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expressed my own pain
During this, Gehna Vashistha, while expressing her own pain, said that due to the illusion of bold and porn, such a big case has been made by calling ordinary videos as obscene. Because of this I have forgotten to live for the last 6 months. I fell ill, my accounts were frozen. Took my phone and laptop away. I only know what kind of problem I am facing. My appeal is that things should not be exaggerated, only the truth should be shown. All these videos do not fall in any pornographic category.

‘Soon milk will become milk and water will be water’
Earlier, Gehna had issued a statement saying that soon there will be milk of milk and water of water. The master mind is in the grip of the law. It is going to be a Bigg Boss show or a Chor-Police reality show. Flynn Remedios says that Jewel was made a pawn in the porn videos case. It is worth noting that ‘Gandii Baat’ actress Gehana was arrested in connection with the shooting of obscene videos. He was then released on bail from Byculla prison after falling seriously ill.

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