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Genshin Impact 2.0 update: Voice actors of Baal, Sara, Yae and Yoimiya revealed

Genshin Impact 2.0 update: Voice actors of Baal, Sara, Yae and Yoimiya revealed
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Genshin Impact 2.0 update: Voice actors of Baal, Sara, Yae and Yoimiya revealed

Genshin Affect’s most most up-to-date livestream has printed a ton of information about basically the most original substitute, Genshin Affect 2.0. The factitious will lift avid gamers to Inazuma, the land of Electro, and will be introducing a total forged of new characters to Genshin Affect’s roster.

Avid gamers will acquire a blueprint to meet and crawl with several of these new characters, and one of many ultimate parts of a Genshin Affect persona is their affirm. Avid gamers can study about the voices of several of these upcoming Inazuman characters right here.

Genshin Affect 2.0: Utter actors for Baal, Yae and extra printed

Raiden Shogun’s Jap VA has been confirmed as Miyuki Sawashiro. That you just would possibly know her from SAO or Durarara

Here are all her infamous roles

Characterize by @deviltakoyaki #原神 #原神アプデ情報 #Genshin_Impact #genshinimpact #Inazuma pic.https://www.gadgetclock.com/esports/twitter.com/2n2n7bFG5n

— Genshin Picture (@GenshinReport) July 9, 2021

Genshin Affect 2.0 will lift many characters from Inazuma and introduce them to avid gamers as they crawl through this new situation. Judicious one of an principal characters would possibly perhaps be the Raiden Shogun, who will play a indubitably trim position in the manner the yarn of Inazuma will progress.

This persona is voiced by acclaimed thespian Miyuki Sawashiro, a prolific actress that many avid gamers will scrutinize because the affirm of Raiden Mei in Honkai Affect.

Yoimiya’s JP affirm actor has been confirmed as Ueda Kana

That you just would possibly know her from her position as Rin in Fate/Attach Night

Here are some of her other infamous roles!

Characterize by @deviltakoyaki #原神 #原神アプデ情報 #Genshin_Impact #genshinimpact #Inazuma #genshin pic.https://www.gadgetclock.com/esports/twitter.com/5qyMC41Epq

— Genshin Picture (@GenshinReport) July 9, 2021

Every other principal persona from Inazuma is Yoimiya, who avid gamers now know will be voiced by Kana Ueda, who’s most infamous for voicing Rin Tohsaka in the Fate sequence.

Avid gamers will indubitably desire to give Yoimiya’s Jap dub affirm a hear as she’s going to lift a mountainous efficiency to Genshin Affect. A fiery attitude and solid will makes Yoimiya a kindly persona for this affirm actress to painting.

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Yae and Sara affirm actors:

Replace! Her name is Yae Miko in Genshin! Here’s the new graphic! From @deviltakoyaki pic.https://www.gadgetclock.com/esports/twitter.com/vwtjN9Cg3e

— Genshin Picture (@GenshinReport) July 9, 2021

Yae Miko will be voiced by Ayane Sakura, an actress avid gamers can also merely scrutinize from many anime and video games, and significantly as characters savor Uraraka Ochaco. Yae indubitably seems savor a indubitably principal section of the Genshin Affect 2.0 yarn, as her affirm is additionally connected to Yae Sakura from Honkai Affect.

Avid gamers will prefer to exercise beyond regular time with this persona to search out out her proper historical past.

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Sara Kujou’s eastern affirm is Asami Seto. That you just would possibly know her as Nobara from Jujutsu Kaisen or Chiyuki in Dying Parade.

Here’s a stout sequence of her roles

Characterize by @deviltakoyaki
#原神 #原神アプデ情報 #Genshin_Impact #genshinimpact #Inazuma pic.https://www.gadgetclock.com/esports/twitter.com/f53U9HqjqZ

— Genshin Picture (@GenshinReport) July 9, 2021

Kujou Sara will be voiced in the Jap dub by Asami Seto, who avid gamers can also merely know from roles savor Raphtalia and other standard anime and video games. They’ll indubitably desire to study extra about this new persona as she seems to play a principal position in the upcoming yarn of Genshin Affect.

Avid gamers can indubitably demand some attention-grabbing twists and turns from the storyline of Inazuma.


Genshin Affect has a historical past of hiring mountainous affirm actors for their characters, and it seems savor Inazuma will be no varied. Avid gamers fill lots to appear forward to when Genshin Affect 2.0 releases later this month.

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