Genshin Impact Araumi Puzzle guide in Inazuma

Genshin Impact Araumi Puzzle guide in Inazuma
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Genshin Impact Araumi Puzzle guide in Inazuma

Genshin Impact’s Araumi puzzles are quite notorious among the community, so it’s not unheard of that many players are seeking out guides.There are a lot of new puzzles in Inazuma. Some Genshin Impact players have become stumped trying to figure them out, but they’re not as hard as they would seem at first glance.If Genshin Impact players are stuck with the Araumi cube puzzles, they can just log out and back in to reset them and try an alternative strategy. There are alternative puzzles here that involve the Memento Lens obtained from the Sacrificial Offering quest.Araumi Puzzle guide within Inazuma in Genshin ImpactThe following article will include the three cube puzzles in Araumi, as well as the latter two parts of the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual quest.Cube Puzzle #1 What the puzzle looks like at first (Image via Gadget Clock) Attack the cubes to rotate the blocks above. For this Araumi puzzle, Genshin Impact players want the cubes with the lighted up side to face them from this angle.An easy way to do this Araumi puzzle is to hit the following cubes in this order:Top LeftTop MiddleTop MiddleTop Left What the puzzle looks when finished (Image via Gadget Clock)If done correctly, it should resemble the photo above. Afterward, the Electro Totem should be available to be shot at and then the player can move on to the next Araumi puzzle.Electro Totem Puzzle Immediately after doing the previous puzzle, hit the totem here (Image via Sporskeeda) After doing the previous Araumi puzzle, hit the Electro Totem with an Electro attack to activate it. The second totem can be found under this big tree (Image via Gadget Clock)Then head east to find another totem, underneath the big tree. This totem is guarded by some enemies; defeat them to unlock it (Image via Gadget Clock)The third totem can be found a little up north and it’s guarded by some enemies. Dispose of them to unlock this Electro Totem. The final totem location (Image via Gadget Clock) Return to the big tree, and there should be a totem on a pile of rocks slightly southeast of it. The final piece of the puzzle (Image via Gadget Clock)Activate it to finish this part of this Araumi puzzle in Genshin Impact, and climb up the tree to jump down to the chest to claim the rewards. The treasure chest (Image via Gadget Clock)After going down here, use the Memento Lens on one of the Sky Kitsune Statues (if one hasn’t done so yet). Activate everything that follows this and it will remove the floor, thus making the player drop down.If the Genshin Impact player doesn’t wish to do this Araumi puzzle, just activate the Electrogranum and press the appropriate action button (T on PC) to jump out of this location. While down here, continue using the Memento Lens on the statues down here. Use the Electrogranum to pass through the barrier, use Electro on the ward, get the Scroll-Shaped Ward, and purify the lantern in front of the Torii (the giant Japanese-looking red gate). Adjust this one so it only shows two magatamas (Image via WoW Quests)It should be noted that the order of the lanterns in the northern part needs to only have two magatamas showing (magatamas being the little icons that look like 9’s). The first one in front of the Torii should have one, and the one to its left should have three magatamas. The one to the right of the lantern in front of the Torii should also have three magatamas showing.Afterward, pray at the one with one magatama to start a boss battle. Beat the Ochimusha to complete the second Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual in Genshin Impact.The first part of the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual is pretty straightforward, as Genshin Impact makes it obvious on how to complete the first part. With the second part completed, all that’s left is the third part. The third part of the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual Use the Memento Lens here to activate this ward (Image via R2 Mamax)There are a lot of Araumi puzzles in Genshin Impact, and it’s no different for the third part of the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual. Go north of the Kamisato Estate, use the Memento Lens here, and use Electro on the ward to get a Key-Shaped Ward. Use the Memento Lens here (Image via R2 Mamax)Use the Waverider and go northeast. Use the Memento Lens on the fox statue and go down. Remember to bring an Electrogranum to protect oneself. Use the Key-Shaped Ward on the lantern in front of the Torii to purify it. Then activate the lanterns around it. Three magatama should be here (Image via R2 Mamax) This one should show three magatama. Two magatama should be here (Image via R2 Mamax)This one should show two magatama. Three magatama should be here (Image via R2 Mamax)After activating this one, go back to the first lantern (the one with one magatama showing) and pray there.Defeat the enemies that spawn to finish this quest in Genshin Impact. Cube Puzzle #2 The next Araumi Cube Puzzle (Image via WoW Quests)Solving this Araumi Cube Puzzle in Genshin Impact is quite easy. Just hit the following cubes in the following order:Hit the bottom leftHit the bottom leftHit the top rightHit the top rightAll of these cubes should be facing the wall seen below. All of these cubes should be facing in this direction (Image via WoW Quests)After doing this, grab the chest to finish this Araumi puzzle in Genshin Impact. From here, jump down into the water and go down the long waterway. Then, head toward the giant stairs; the final Araumi cube puzzle is located here.Cube Puzzle #3 The final Araumi cube puzzle (Image via WoW Quests)This is by far the easiest Araumi puzzle in all of Genshin Impact. Just hit the middle block twice and presto! That’s it. Collect the chest to be done with these Araumi puzzles in Genshin Impact.Other Araumi puzzles Another puzzle (Image via JFMSTR)Genshin Impact players need a Level 3 Sacred Sakura Tree to get the Electrogranum capable of entering this barrier. 0 0 Reply x   Edit   Delete Delete the comment? No thanks Delete Cancel Update Login to reply Cancel Reply

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