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Genshin Impact Eula build: Best team compositions and artifacts explained

Genshin Impact Eula build: Best team compositions and artifacts explained
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Genshin Impact Eula build: Best team compositions and artifacts explained

In Genshin Have an effect on, Eula capitalizes on a bodily anguish playstyle, which avid gamers are presently working to beef up.

As avid gamers proceed to experiment, Eula is proving herself to be one among the many only DPS characters. With many appropriate beef up units that complement her and a lot of different artifact units, she is an intimidating persona to assemble. In order that that you simply simply should attend avid gamers manufacture the most of the distinctive persona, this textual content recommends Eula’s optimum artifacts and beef up characters.

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Most interesting group compositions and artifacts for Eula in Genshin Have an effect on

Most interesting group compositions for Eula

Cryo narrate is probably probably the most versatile in Genshin Have an effect on thus a methods. Cryo is wished for a lot of worthy elemental reactions within the sport: Superconduct, Freeze, and Soften. Since Cryo characters can work well with units of any narrate, avid gamers take pleasure in a lot of alternate selections after they assemble Eula’s group.

Kaeya, Fischl, Barbara

Genshin Impact team: Kaeya. Fischl, and Barbara
Genshin Have an effect on group: Kaeya. Fischl, and Barbara

This F2P-friendly group can work beefy for Eula. Barbara works because the healer of the group, however extra importantly, she acts as a catalyst to Freeze reactions.

Kaeya’s Burst is an correct supply of additional DPS, and can persistently infuse enemies with Cryo. Moreover, on account of Elemental resonance, Kaeya will give Eula a higher Crit Worth in opposition to frozen and Cryo-affected enemies.

As one among the many only sub-DPS characters within the sport, Fischl’s Ozis very worthy. Ozmoreover inflicts enemies with Electro, making superconduct reactions extra simple for Eula.

As a bonus, Fischl can attend buff Eula much more when she has the merely artifacts. If Fischl has a four-share location of Tenacity of the Milelith, Ozs assaults will persistently buff Eula’s ATK when she’s in play.

Zhongli, Fischl, Rosaria

Genshin Impact team: Zhongli, Fischl, and Rosaria
Genshin Have an effect on group: Zhongli, Fischl, and Rosaria

This group, treasure many others constructed round Eula, capitalizes on DPS buffs and debuffs to enemy resistances. Zhongli’s Jade Defend lowers the enemies’ bodily Break resistance, and Fischl helps create the an identical by challenge of Superconduct reactions. In the meantime, Rosaria’s Shadow Samaritan ability will buff Eula’s Crit Worth and give her the vitality to price her Burst.

Xinyan, Xingqiu, Beidou

Genshin Impact team: Xinyan, Xingqiu, and Beidou
Genshin Have an effect on group: Xinyan, Xingqiu, and Beidou

The featured characters on Eula’s “Born of Ocean Swell” banner manufacture for a beefy group. Xingqiu is a top-tier beef up DPS unit who can moreover work with Eula to freeze enemies. Moreover, each Beidou and Xinyan can attend Eula deal extra bodily anguish.

Even handed considered one of Xinyan’s passive skills will improve any persona’s Bodily anguish by 15% when shielded by her ability. As a debuff, Beidou helps manufacture superconduct reactions that decrease enemies’ Bodily anguish resistance.

Since there’s presently an correct probability to internet these characters, avid gamers may maybe aloof connect in ideas constructing this group as they internet extra constellations.

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Most interesting artifacts for Eula

Avid gamers may maybe aloof focus particularly on bodily anguish buffs when selecting artifact units for Eula. Every the Pale Flame and Bloodstained Chivalry units are viable alternate selections, since they each develop bodily anguish by 25% with a two-share location equipped.

The Bloodstained Chivalry’s four-share location bonus doesn’t attend Eula a lot, because it handiest improves charged assaults. Then once more, avid gamers can assemble Eula with two Bloodstained and two Pale Flame artifacts to internet each bodily anguish bonuses.

Avid gamers may maybe aloof moreover connect in ideas giving Eula a fat four-share location of Pale Flame artifacts. This location bonus affords the persona assault buffs when an Elemental Ability hits. This attain can stack as much as twice, and the 2-share bodily anguish bonus is doubled with two lively stacks.

Pale Flame artifact set bonuses (image via game8)
Pale Flame artifact location bonuses (picture by challenge of game8)

The elemental to maximizing this four-share bonus is touchdown Elemental Abilities persistently. Avid gamers can swap to a beef up persona to help touchdown skills, or they will inform mail Eula’s tap-model of her Elemental Ability. Besides Eula is at C2 or above, the held mannequin of her Ability has an extreme quantity of of a cooldown to truly work with 4 Pale Flame artifacts.

Genshin Have an effect on avid gamers may maybe aloof prioritize ATK %, Crit Worth and Crit Break in Eula’s stats and substats. Moreover, a Goblet artifact that buffs Bodily DMG will cloak very purposeful.

For a fat assemble handbook, avid gamers can confer with Braxophone’s video beneath.


Genshin Have an effect on avid gamers may maybe aloof help in ideas that gameplay is group-oriented. Although Eula’s bodily anguish would not raise revenue of elemental reactions, there are aloof optimum characters to pair her with. With the merely artifacts and beef up units round her, Eula is one among the many most worthy characters in Genshin Have an effect on thus a methods.

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