Genshin Impact Guide for “A Strange Story in Konda” quest

Genshin Impact Guide for “A Strange Story in Konda” quest
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Genshin Impact Guide for “A Strange Story in Konda” quest

Genshin Impact’s latest update came with plenty of new quests in the Inazuma region, and one of the first world quests available is “A Strange Story in Konda.”Players can unlock it after they’re allowed to leave the Ritou region where the Traveler docks. In this quest, something seems amiss in Konda Village. The Traveler will work here with the mysterious character, Kazari, to uncover the village’s secret and begin cleansing shrines.How to complete A Strange Story in Konda quest in Genshin Impact Kazari hinting at a Konda Village secret in Genshin Impact (Image via ZaFrostPet)To begin A Strange Story in Konda, Genshin Impact players need to speak to Kazari. This NPC can originally be found in Narukami Island, near the teleport waypoint east of Ritou and leading into Konda Village.After imbuing a Kitsune statue with Electro, per Kazari’s request, they will obtain an item, a Ward, which will be helpful later on. The Traveler should then go into Konda Village and speak to locals about strange occurrences. The Traveler speaking to a Konda Village local (Image via ZaFrostPet)The following few quest tasks are pretty simple. Gamers must speak to the village chief and search for clues in highlighted map areas. Then, they’ll need to go back to the chief to learn what he’s hiding.Afterward, the Traveler’s goal is pretty clear: they need to explore the bottom of the well. The chief’s notes on his roof point to the exact location of the well’s key, and players will just need to retrieve it and go back to the well to unlock it. Finding the Konda Village well key in Genshin Impact (image via ZaFrostPet)Once the well is unlocked, players should be sure to explore the underground area. Like many hidden areas in Genshin Impact, there are a few chests inside the well. The Electro Seelie chest inside the well (image via ZaFrostPet)At the well’s bottom, users need to cleanse a shrine to complete A Strange Story in Konda. First, they must purify the shrine with the Ward they received earlier.A diagram will then appear on the shrine, showing a line that’s connected between five points. These points mimic the five notches around the shrine. Each notch can be set to a number from 2-5, except the starting notch, which is always number one. Going clockwise from the starting notch, players should set the others to 4, 5, 3, and 2. A Strange Story in Konda puzzle solved (image via ZaFrostPet)By doing this, energy will flow from the starting notch to the others in a way that mimics the shrine’s diagram. Gamers just need to select “Pray” on the first notch to complete this puzzle, which will spawn an enemy named Ochimusha.Defeating this samurai will cue the ending dialog of the quest. A sequel quest, Sacrificial Offering, will then be unlocked. Also read: Genshin Impact guide to The Farmer’s Treasure: All 4 old stone slate locations revealed 0 0 Reply x   Edit   Delete Delete the comment? No thanks Delete Cancel Update Login to reply Cancel Reply

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