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Genshin Impact leaks: Everything known about Dendro, Baizhu and YaoYao so far

Genshin Impact leaks: Everything known about Dendro, Baizhu and YaoYao so far
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Genshin Impact leaks: Everything known about Dendro, Baizhu and YaoYao so far

The Dendro Aspect is one in all basically probably the most anticipated additions to Genshin Impact, because it has but to be launched for players to make inform of.

There get been a number of characters throughout the recordsdata of Genshin Impact who fabricate basically the lots of the Dendro component, nonetheless as of replace 1.6, they’re quiet unavailable for use. Players who’re followers of the seventh component in Genshin Impact will likely be disenchanted by its most new unavailability, nonetheless points would possibly maybe nicely maybe presumably change in further updates.

Players might be taught extra about these characters proper right here, alongside with what’s known about Dendro throughout the period in-between.

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Dendro characters in Genshin Impact:

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Probably the most nicely-known Dendro consumer in Genshin Impact is Baizhu. This character has made appearances throughout the memoir of Liyue and is the mysterious physician who takes care of Qiqi and the Bubu Pharmacy. Baizhu carries a Dendro imaginative and prescient, and whereas it is a long way throughout the period in-between unconfirmed what weapon he will inform in combat, most indicators present him the utilization of a catalyst in combat.

Baizhu is a former man who is looking for to elongate his existence and remedy the diesease that’s sapping his power, and as Dendro is a component that pertains to existence and lisp, it is a long way mental that he would fabricate basically probably the most of that component. He’s a physician researching new recordsdata, regardless of the confirmed fact that his shadiness has drawn ire from a pair of of the numerous residents of Liyue, specifically Hu Tao.

🍃Yao Yao🍃

(Pictures is from the primary Genshin Closed Beta and does now not direct any upcoming articulate materials.)

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YaoYao is one different Dendro character who has made an look throughout the recordsdata of Genshin Impact, and whereas she has but to fabricate an genuine look throughout the memoir, she has been featured in genuine artwork work and in-character voicelines.

YaoYao is Xiangling’s disciple in cooking, and has moreover labored as an assistant for Ganyu, making her considerably the resourceful character. Whereas her maintain genuine memoir is throughout the period in-between unknown, it is a long way likely that her memoir moreover ties to lisp and existence.

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Dendro lore in Genshin Impact:

(Image via Mihoyo)
(Picture by the utilization of Mihoyo)

Sumeru is the hole of Dendro in Teyvat, and players will likely be headed there after the Inazuma memoir concludes. Players will meet new characters esteem Cyno and the Dendro Archon, and are inclined to be severe a pair of memoir gripping the Sumeru Academia, as Sumeru is throughout the period in-between dominated by the God of Recordsdata.

Sumeru is a land of deserts and rainforests, and Dendro will likely be final for players to revitalize the land and scheme conclude good factor regarding the leafy terrain. Players will likely be in a scheme to fabricate basically probably the most of Dendro with their Traveller as quickly as this new area releases, so players would not ought to at all times wait too for for much longer to wield Dendro themselves.


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As a result of the seventh component in Genshin Impact, Dendro has but to change into playable, nonetheless as a result of the sport progresses, players will definitely earn their fingers on this new energy.

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