Genshin Impact leaks: Everything known about Kazuha, Shenhe, and Yoimiya so far

Genshin Impact leaks: Everything known about Kazuha, Shenhe, and Yoimiya so far

There are numerous issues to debate about when it includes Genshin Have an effect on leaks about Kazuha, Shenhe, and Yoimiya.

Out of all three of those characters, Kazuha has basically probably the most knowledge leaked accessible. Predictably, this means he’ll be launched the soonest out of this batch of characters in Genshin Have an effect on.

In precise truth, the selection two characters aloof bear some fascinating small print to switch over. As it’s with all Genshin Have an effect on leaks, some small print are enviornment to alternate with out search.

Whereas heaps of Genshin Have an effect on leaks bear a upright laptop display screen chronicle, miHoYo can and has modified some aspects about characters that had been leaked throughout the previous.

Kazuha, Shenhe, and Yoimiya in Genshin Have an effect on

Kazuha is the most anticipated character out of this bunch (Image via Dimbreath (Twitter))
Kazuha is basically probably the most anticipated character out of this bunch (Describe by Dimbreath (Twitter))

There are a whole lot of quantities of small print regarding Kazuha, Shenhe, and Yoimiya in Genshin Have an effect on.

The primary character, Kazuha, has heaps of knowledge, so he’ll be coated first. He’ll be adopted by Shenhe, who now not now not as a lot as has a mannequin, leaving Yoimiya to be coated ultimate.

Kazuha knowledge

On June 30, Kazuha’s banner will open.

(doable narrative spoilers)

Alongside that( or each week after), we are going to web the Beidou/ Kazuha / Inazuma introduction that is talked about right here:原神 #Genshin #原神アプデ情報 #GenshinImpact #Genshin_Impact #Inazuma

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Not like Shenhe and Yoimiya, Kazuha’s banner does bear a confirmed leak date. Kazuha should attain throughout the sport round June 30, 2021, when the narrative absorbing him and Beidou may even be launched.

As a great distance as his storyline goes, Kazuha works with Beidou and have to be responsible for smuggling the participant into Inazuma throughout that linked archon quest. All of this may likely be tied to the 1.6 substitute, that method that players can bear to help for the subsequent main substitute earlier than they’re going to leer Kazuha in a linked house in Genshin Have an effect on.

Kazuha’s skillset

I redid the overall pictures. Apologies for the errors and lacking stuff on the earlier motion pictures.

Because of Twitter size restrict I bear to interrupt up it in two tweets.

You may likely be in a location to stare the stout video right here too: pic.

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There are a number of motion pictures documenting Kazuha’s skillset in Genshin Have an effect on, and he is shaping as a lot as be a high-tier unit in a number of departments.

Kazuha is a 5-superstar sword consumer with an Anemo imaginative and prescient, nonetheless his skillset completely captures how versatile Anemo is as a fraction.

His Elemental Talent, Chihayafuru, sucks in enemies earlier than launching himself upward. This additionally alters his Charged Assault, which may convert the bodily effort to Anemo DMG upon landing, pulling in additional enemies.

Phase 2. pic.

— Dimbreath (@dimbreath) April 28, 2021

Kazuha’s Elemental Burst, Manyou no Ittou, seems admire basically probably the most easy share of his package. Its vary is big, and it lasts for a whopping eight seconds. Its capability to be blended with a number of different visions makes it terribly versatile in Genshin Have an effect on.

It would not be a stretch to say that Kazuha can discontinuance up as a high-tier main DPS, sub DPS, help, and Exploration unit in some potential. He has upright effort numbers on his package, can with out misery house up combos for different characters and has some upright traits for exploration.

Shenhe knowledge


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Sadly, a number of leakers bear long gone on chronicle to say that there might be now not knowledge for Shenhe. This led Genshin Have an effect on leakers to keep in mind that Shenhe had been completely shelved.

Having talked about that, there might be aloof some knowledge that Genshin Have an effect on followers will likely be alive to by discovering out about the character.

Shenhe transform datamined to be a Claymore wielder capable of using the Cryo imaginative and prescient. Followers should endure in suggestions that Albedo previous to be leaked as wielding a bow, nonetheless he did not throughout the ultimate model.

Nonetheless, Shenhe transform likely from the Liyue house and has been sometimes known as “Shenli” earlier than. One doable motive that she transform scrapped transform that Eula is a 5-superstar Claymore consumer who additionally has Cryo imaginative and prescient, nonetheless that is upright hypothesis amongst the Genshin Have an effect on neighborhood.

Yoimiya knowledge

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yoimiya crumbs sd.d.f.f.f. pic.

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As a great distance as barebones leaks high-tail, Yoimiya in the meanwhile has the least quantity of knowledge. Not similar to the selection two Genshin Have an effect on characters, Yoimiya has no recognized mannequin leaked. In its place, it’s upright an account for of what she seems to be like admire.

A “attractive shrine maiden outfit” may effectively additionally discuss to a quantity of issues, so all a participant can speculate from that’s that this character can bear the usual physique type that the majority girls bear in Genshin Have an effect on (admire Amber’s). As antagonistic to that, there might be subsequent to nothing that has been correctly documented inside the Genshin Have an effect on leak neighborhood regarding her look.

Everyone seems to be conscious of contributors are alive to by the Inazuman characters, so we did a deep-dive to assemble your whole knowledge we in the meanwhile bear for Kazuha and Yoimiya.

We discontinuance now not bear any perception on their open dates.

Proper right here is VERY early knowledge and extraordinarily enviornment to alternate.#ProjectCelestia pic.

— Challenge Celestia (@projectcelestia) April 15, 2021

As a great distance as her skillset goes, there are solely a pair of minor small print about her moveset. She is a 5-superstar bow consumer capable of using Pyro imaginative and prescient, and a pair of of her skills are described as:

  • “AimShoot_BombArrow”
  • “AlertCircle”
  • “Arrow_Bomb”
  • “Hanabi”

Greater than likely her skills will likely be additional explosive in nature when put subsequent to Amber’s. On the selection hand, there might be no definitive proof to counsel what this will stare admire in Genshin Have an effect on. Like Shenhe, there might be no confirmed open date for her (even though 7/21 seems likely), even though she hasn’t been scrapped however.