Gurgram Tetra murder case: Retired Army man sees daughter-in-law with paying guest

Gurgram Tetra murder case: Retired Army man sees daughter-in-law with paying guest
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Gurgram Tetra murder case: Retired Army man sees daughter-in-law with paying guest

Gurgram Tetra murder case: Retired Army man sees daughter-in-law with paying guest


  • The granddaughter locked in the room, then committed 4 murders in half an hour
  • Retired soldier kills 3 members of Soon, tenant family
  • 3-year-old girl hospitalized, accused in custody
  • He himself reached the police station, confessed to the crime, the child’s role is being investigated

Sonu Yadav, Gurgaon
In January, the veteran’s blood boiled when he saw his daughter-in-law and tenant in an offensive position. He had been thinking of killing him since that day. An advance plan has been prepared for this. It was executed late Monday night at 2 p.m. He first locked his 11-year-old grandson in the room with his wife Sangeeta. After that, there were 4 murders in half an hour. Sun was first attacked with a sharp weapon while sleeping, then the tenant, his wife and his two daughters were attacked. Of these, only a 3-year-old girl survived, who is now hanging between death and life. All these things have been told by the accused themselves in the police interrogation.

Saw the daughter-in-law and the tenant in an offensive position
According to official police sources, the accused’s family lives on the first floor of the house. The accused confessed that he had seen Krishna Tiwari and his daughter-in-law in an offensive position in January. He has had blood on his head ever since. Shortly thereafter, the tenant went to his hometown. Now that he had returned a few days earlier, they had a quarrel. Even when he went to Bihar, he used to talk to his daughter-in-law.

‘If You Kill Your Husband, Kill Me Too’
The accused said that when he reached the tenant’s room on the second floor, he repeatedly attacked and killed Krishna Tiwari when he went there. Then his wife Anamika got up and started crying. Anamika said if you kill your husband, kill me too, what will I do when I live. He later beat Anamika to death.

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Butcher became a retired soldier, not sparing even three years of innocence

Thought the girls would be orphaned, then I should kill them too.
The accused has confessed that after the murder of the couple, he felt that the lives of these orphan girls would now be ruined. If I hit them so hard, I hit them too, so that they don’t get hurt anymore.

The grandson was locked in the room before the incident
The police investigation revealed that the accused and his wife had locked their 11-year-old grandson in the room before the incident. The wife was not next to the accused at the time of the incident but was a few steps behind. She was fully aware of the incident and she did not try to stop her husband. According to the plan, both sat down after killing until 2.30pm. The accused then left the house around 6.45 pm to go to the police station.

Investigate the role of the child
Just a day before the incident, the accused’s son Khatu Shyam had gone. Now, the police are investigating whether the child was sent to Khatu Shyam under this scheme. DCP Deepak Saharan said they were investigating every aspect related to the case. An investigation is underway under the leadership of an ACP level official.


There were murders in this house.

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