habh sabh pant gloves on tape

habh sabh pant gloves on tape
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habh sabh pant gloves on tape

habh sabh pant gloves on tape

The second day of the Headingley Test was a tiring day for the Indian bowlers. England got a lot of runs. After India were bowled out for 78 on the first day, England were 423 for eight at the end of the second day’s play. Meanwhile, Indian wicketkeeper Shabha Pant is embroiled in a different kind of controversy. He caught David Malan on the last ball of the second session.

Before throwing the first ball of the third session, the umpires asked Pant to remove the tape from his gloves. This tape connected the fourth and fifth fingers. According to Cricket Law, tape can only be placed between the index finger and the thumb.

According to the law, ‘According to Rule 27.1, nothing can be tied to the gloves of the wicket without attaching the index finger (thumb and forefinger) and the thumb.’

Nasser Hussein and David Lloyd were commenting on Sky Sports at the time. He further clarified the status of the matter. He said match officials told him why Pantla was asked to remove the tape.

Former England captain Nasser Hussein has also spoken out on the issue. He said, ‘There are a lot of rules about tying in the game but we’re hearing from third umpire Richard Inlingworth that Pant was not allowed to do that. He can’t wear gloves like that. So Pantala was asked to remove the tape.

The umpires should call Malan to bat, Lloyd said. That, he said, is illegal. The wicketkeeper had illegally taped his gloves while taking a catch, and no ball was thrown during Malan’s dismissal and when Pant was asked to remove the tape before the start of the third session.

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Seeing Shabh Pant’s gloves were taped before tea time it became clear later and not after.

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