Haseen Dilruba Movie Review in Hindi: Haseen Dilruba Movie Review in Hindi, Rating: {3.5 / 5

Haseen Dilruba Movie Review in Hindi: Haseen Dilruba Movie Review in Hindi, Rating: {3.5 / 5
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Haseen Dilruba Movie Review in Hindi: Haseen Dilruba Movie Review in Hindi, Rating: {3.5 / 5

Haseen Dilruba Movie Review in Hindi: Haseen Dilruba Movie Review in Hindi, Rating: {3.5 / 5

The queen is at the center of the story ‘Haseen Dilruba’. Rani (Tapasi Pannu) is a beautiful, beautiful and young girl. He loves crime and thrillers. Reads a lot of novels. The queen is accused of murdering her own husband (Vikrant Massey). But as the police investigation progresses. The secrets of the queen’s marital life are also revealed. The matter of blood was complicated. The case, which until now seemed to the police to be ‘open and closed’, has a complex investigation into it and also the story of the Queen’s non-male affair.

Rani (Tapsi Pannu) loves action and thrillers. But more than his married life, the crimes come in the novels woven into his stories. She is a big fan of crime-thrillers. The queen has her own past. She is beautiful, she knows the art of temptation and she has had many cases before. On the other hand, her husband Ushu (Vikrant Massey) is a ‘good boy’. He is a good boy from head to toe. Her life was very simple. The queen soon gets bored of her married life. He needs action, he needs adventure. But then his life changes. There is an entry in the story of a brother like Ish Shu’s friend. His name is Neel (Harshvardhan Rane). He is a bad boy with a chubby body. He comes to stay at Ishu and Rani’s house for a few days.

Directors Vinil Mathew and Kanika Dhillon, who write the story of the film, take us to the different worlds of Rani and Ish Shu in 2 hours and 15 minutes. It has the simplicity of a small town and at the same time a hint of a storm. Needless to say, the story creates an atmosphere from the beginning. In this environment, there is a fear of discomfort, along with adventure, there is also a string of anxiety and stress. The story of the film attracts you as a viewer. It also entertains you and on many occasions you cannot predict what will happen next.

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On screen, we see the main characters in the film moving forward with their respective stories. Love, lust and desire are the three main characters’ own characteristics. However, in between comes a time where you think you know the end of the story, but be patient, because something big is about to happen.

Kanika Dhillon has added many layers to the story of the film. There are many twists in this love story, with which many emotions are strongly connected. Tapsi Pannu has played the role of a strong and stubborn queen in the film. His expressions bring life to it. There is so much in the character of the Queen. There are many ups and downs, which were not easy to handle, but Tapasi made it her own in a very simple way. Tapasi has given many dimensions to the character of the queen at the same time. He is also stubborn. He also specializes in erotic and seductive art. But you will never get angry when you see him.

Vikrant Massey’s character is simple but funny. He speaks less. But his eyes tell a lot. Kanika has given every character in her story very well. Through the story these characters get a full opportunity to magnify themselves. The dialogues written by Ankana Joshi also give a fun experience. Harshvardhan Rane doesn’t want to do much. But they have done justice to what they have received.

Yamini Das had played the role of Ish Shu’s mother in other characters in the film. She adds humor to the film. Music by Amit Trivedi, cinematography by Jayakrishna Gummadi strengthens the film.

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There are many occasions in ‘Haseen Dilruba’ when you find them ridiculous or unbelievable. But it’s also true that every second it traps you in the form of thrilling twists and dark love stories.

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