“He flew to Houston”: Amouranth opens up about a delusional fan who wanted to marry her

“He flew to Houston”: Amouranth opens up about a delusional fan who wanted to marry her
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“He flew to Houston”: Amouranth opens up about a delusional fan who wanted to marry her

Given how Amouranth is always being targeted as someone who preys on the coomer/simp culture, it is no wonder that she has some obsessive fans. The reality is that she sometimes has to deal with the downside of her huge fame.On an H3 podcast episode hosted by Ethan Klein, Amouranth opened up about her delusional fans and the ordeal she often faces regarding theories about whether she is married.During the podcast, the most-viewed female streamer on Twitch revealed that she is single and is entirely dedicated to her content creation at the moment. However, Ethan’s chat flooded with fans denying she was single, to the point where it got really weird.It was at this point that Amouranth spoke at length about delusional fans and revealed a bomb of an anecdote.A fan flew in to Houston, all the while convinced he was engaged to Amouranth In a weird incident, a fan who Amouranth did not know flew to Houston, as he was convinced he was engaged to Amouranth. The man called the streamer as soon as he touched ground and wanted to meet her as soon as possible. He supposedly even asked her why she wasn’t there to pick him up from the airport:He just kept harassing my DMs, like he had convinced himself. I had never talked to this person. He was constantly like, “Come to my hotel, we are engaged! Why are you avoiding me?”… That’s psycho.Amouranth herself agrees that there are guys on her chat everyday who just declare that they are married to her, or call her their “waifu.” The entire conjecture regarding her being married began when someone posted a fake document showing a conversation between Amouranth and one of her Twitch mods. The conversation, which is very visibly fake, goes on to talk about how Amouranth is “hiding” her married life for views on Twitch.However, it also goes on to point out how gullible Amouranth’s fan base is, that they entirely bought it. In fact, many of them still maintain that she is married. This is despite after fact that the person behind the document revealed that it was fake.Also read: Twitch’s greatest troll: How Amouranth keeps getting away despite multiple violations on Twitch 0 0 Reply x   Edit   Delete Delete the comment? No thanks Delete Cancel Update Login to reply Cancel Reply

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