Health tech company in talks with FDA on potential recall for device that may have caused injury, death

Health tech company in talks with FDA on potential recall for device that may have caused injury, death
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Health tech company in talks with FDA on potential recall for device that may have caused injury, death

Health tech company in talks with FDA on potential recall for device that may have caused injury, death

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Medical technology company Avanos has issued a voluntary field correction before withdrawing for vital hospital equipment that could cause injury or even death.

Avanos told Gadget Clock Digital that the agency was in an “ongoing conversation” with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on the matter and could not comment.

The Cortrak 2 internal access system helps healthcare providers fit a feeding tube securely into a patient so they can avoid food delivery to sensitive areas of the body. On the Avanos website, it advertises the Cortrack 2 system as “a time-saving solution that benefits nurses, dietitians and GIs and ICU doctors at all levels.”

The company says other systems could cause “increased risk of pneumothorax, feeding delays, multiple X-rays and transport”, meaning their system avoids these problems with “real-time location information” and “on-screen visualization”. Reduces the need for X-ray confirmation in tube placement.

But a notice posted under the Canadian government’s “Recalls and Safety Alert” page advised medical practitioners that Avanos had conducted a voluntary field correction for Cortrac 2 “due to a change in the labeling of the device.”

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“Injuries and patient deaths related to incorrect placement of nasogastric feeding tubes have been reported while operating the device for labeled instructions (IFU) and intended use,” the notice said.

A copy of the Field Amendment notice dated March 21, 2022, and obtained by Gadget Clock Digital stated that 60 people were injured and 23 died due to incorrect placement of the system. The notification recommends that hospitals or users “ensure that NG / NI tubes are installed per protocol per organization.” The FDA said in an online statement that it had received 51 medical device reports, including 11 deaths following pneumothorax – or lung collapse.

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The notice further explains that the company will retire “Anonymous Account Mode”, which, according to a British briefing notice, temporarily logs the entire placement video but does not record it. Alternative mode, “account mode,” saves videos to an external USB flash drive.

Gadget Clock reached out to the FDA for comment.

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Avanos had previously faced legal issues with the judiciary when it labeled his surgical gowns as providing the highest level of protection against liquid and virus intrusion. Avanos agreed to a delayed prosecution agreement and agreed to pay 22 million, which would cover damages and criminal penalties.

Mark Gardner and Theo Thompson, lawyers who specialize in Medtech and Pharma, told Gadget Clock Digital that any such correction would not protect the company from legal liability and would probably serve as a temporary measure when considering a wider withdrawal with the FDA.

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The optics of “field correction” versus “recall” are somewhat better because a “field correction” indicates that neither the FDA nor the manufacturer has yet determined that the product represents a serious health risk, “Thompson explained.” It doesn’t matter how you describe it. ”

“Avanos seems to be positioning this as a correction because they are correcting the label of their device without having to physically remove it from the place of use,” he added. “It does not appear that the FDA has requested, nor is the company issuing, a voluntary withdrawal… which is usually followed by a press release, notification on the company’s website and much more, depending on the risk to the product.”

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Gardner raised concerns that even such field modifications and methodological changes may not reach those currently using the technology when the company is making amendments, despite the FDA’s desire to actively correct companies and not “slow-roll”. Remember or correct while waiting for response.

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