Heat Wave In Us And Canada Killed 100 Crore Plus Sea Creatures

Heat Wave In Us And Canada Killed 100 Crore Plus Sea Creatures
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Heat Wave In Us And Canada Killed 100 Crore Plus Sea Creatures

Heat Wave In Us And Canada Killed 100 Crore Plus Sea Creatures

In the north-west America and Canada, so much heat has been seen in the past that cracks on the roads and people’s walls were seen.

New Delhi. In the northwest US and Canada, more than 100 million sea creatures have been killed in the Pacific Ocean and surrounding areas due to extreme heat for the past 15 days.

According to scientists, these creatures could not tolerate high temperatures. It was so hot in this area in the past that cracks were seen on the roads. The walls of the houses present here also bowed due to the temperature.

fish had trouble swimming

According to media reports, due to the severe heat in the last two weeks, more than one billion or one hundred million sea creatures died in the seas around the western US and Canada. The snails were burnt to death in their cells. Sea stars were found dead on sea shores and stones. During this time, salmon fishes had to face difficulty in swimming in the rivers due to the heat.

Many creatures found dead on the shore

Christopher Harley, a marine biologist at the University of British Columbia, says that the scene is similar to those Hollywood films, which show the situation after the Holocaust. To find out the number of these dead creatures, Christopher Harley resorted to the beaches. Their number could be estimated on the basis of a model.

The temperature reached 49.5 °C

In the past, there was a severe heat in the North-West America. The mercury had reached 49.5 degree Celsius. This was a new record. It has been seen as a pressure cooker heat wave. For this reason the schools were closed. Corona investigation center locked because there were cracks on the roads

According to meteorologists, the increase in temperature was due to high pressure in the Pacific Northwest. The situation was getting worse due to climate change. According to the non-governmental organization Berkeley Earth, the temperature in this area has increased by 1.7 degrees Celsius in the last half century. These rising temperatures are harmful for roads and structures made of metals. The houses or buildings outside which have a layer of these. His size was getting worse.

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