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Helicopter Cheat in GTA Vice City

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Helicopter Cheat in GTA Vice Metropolis

GTA Vice Metropolis

The Vice Metropolis streets are the proper playground in your character: Tommy Vercetti, as you’re taking down prison bosses and purchase property all through the town to cement your standing as Vice Metropolis’s king. However it’s not simply the streets that may be conquered, the Vice Metropolis airspace is an space the place you may stretch out your flying muscle tissues and take management of an plane. The GTA Vice Metropolis was launched in 2002 and it wasn’t comfy for Rockstar to include too many plane as a result of they hadn’t perfected the plane’s gameplay mechanics till GTA 2004: San Andreas.

Helicopter Cheat in GTA Vice Metropolis

Whereas within the sport, there are Helipads from which you’ll steal a Helicopter in GTA Vice Metropolis, together with one in Hyman Apartment, a property you should buy that offers you entry to a Helipad, together with a Helicopter which is normally parked there. However usually, gamers will be impatient and simply randomly desire a spawned Helicopter proper in the course of a avenue. You have been coated by Rockstar as a result of there are many cheat codes that may span automobiles, together with helicopters.

GTA Vice Metropolis Helicopter Cheat PC


This cheat code will spawn an assault on a military-used helicopter referred to as the Hunter however watch out to not drop it in the course of a slender avenue. As automobiles spawn from the sky and are dropped on the location of the participant.

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