Helpline: Helpline to relieve exam stress

Helpline: Helpline to relieve exam stress
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Helpline: Helpline to relieve exam stress

Helpline: Helpline to relieve exam stress

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Shamita, who is always a topper in the class, is sitting for the Class XII examination. She is confident about her preparation that the result will be good, but as soon as she enters the exam hall, Shamita’s mental state starts to get a bit strange. He begins to worry about the outcome. A similar situation exists with Rahul, an optimistic student who is appearing for Class XII this year. According to Rahul’s family, he has been having headaches while studying for the past few days. Frightened, he feels that he is forgetting one by one what he has read. This new issue doesn’t make Rahul feel like a student. He is getting irritated, which makes family members doubt the outcome. If your child also has test fever like Shamita and Rahul, you can seek the help of any psychiatrist and board helpline.

Don’t ignore the problem

There is a lot of pressure on the examinees during the exam. There is a lot of pressure on students to complete the course and get more marks. Many times parents are pressured to get more marks. Because, not all students have the same patience, as a result, patience is broken. These include a variety of problems, especially test fever, stress and anxiety, complaints of headaches or migraines, lack of sleep, loss of appetite, irritability and eye and stomach problems. It also happens that parents start taking these issues as an excuse for the child. Maybe some students do this on purpose, but parents should not ignore them if this problem actually arises.

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The Maharashtra Board of Education has issued helpline numbers to the candidates to solve every problem from the syllabus to the exam stress. According to the board, candidates can find a solution by calling this number from morning to night. Candidates can also contact the helpline number 9321550286 directly or find a solution by mail to [email protected]

Helpline No: 9922453235, 9850246389, 9763667416, 9422053391, 9890144185, 9822713995, 9960760114, 9890054518, 9923688191, 9766666094


Parents should pay attention to their children during exams. You should talk to them regularly. Based on experience and discretion, children should try to explain the importance or success or failure of the exam. If this does not work, seek help from a counselor or helpline.

Mahendra Baisane, Former Member, Board of Education Counseling, Maharashtra

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