How a Rockaways Locations Rep Spends Her Sundays

How a Rockaways Locations Rep Spends Her Sundays
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How a Rockaways Locations Rep Spends Her Sundays

How a Rockaways Locations Rep Spends Her Sundays

Until about six years ago, Claudia Bloom led a fairly typical life on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, watching her son’s basketball games at 92nd Street Y, shopping in Fairway and biking in Central. Park. But after her son left for college, Ms. Bloom, a weekend surfer, decided to embrace the scene full-time, so she moved to Arverne, an area near Rockaway Beach, Queens. Soon after, she started a new business, Rock Locations.

“This is how the business got started,” Ms. Bloom said. “I walked into the surf store in my corner, where I bought my board, and I was talking to the owners, and I looked around the store, and I said, ‘The store is so cool, is has it ever been in an advertisement? “

This was not the case. Ms Bloom, who knew something about the entertainment industry as a former actress and casting director, immediately saw the Rockaways’ untapped visual potential. She therefore decided to add “site representative” to her curriculum vitae. Today, she represents 56 companies and 39 houses (plus three barges and a sailboat) in the region, putting them in contact with potential clients such as television and film producers, photographers, musicians and organizations in non-profit – anyone looking for a special urban beach vibe.

“I love each of my spaces; I don’t represent a place I’m not crazy about, ”said Ms Bloom, who lives alone, although her son, Ben Diamond, 25, visits her often on weekends. After all, it’s only a block from the beach.

BREAKFAST I wake up at the same time every morning, usually around 7:30 am; no sleep for me. I make black roast coffee in my French press with almond milk and my usual weekend breakfast is oatmeal and fresh fruit. But if my son is with me for the weekend, he likes to cook, then he will make pancakes, French toast, or avocado eggs.

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OUTDOOR YOGA I go up the bike ride to an outdoor yoga class. I follow all of my teachers on Instagram to find out who teaches when and where. Doing yoga and watching the ocean is quite magical. I always meet a friend or two and hang out a bit. I usually stop for an iced coffee at Rippers on the promenade on the way back, and I also keep an eye out for the waves for surfing.

SURF’S UP When I get home I grab my beach bag, wetsuit, and surfboard and go. If Ben is there, he will join me. Everyone learned to surf this year because of the Covid. Everyone works remotely and everyone is surfing. There are designated surf spots, so it’s limited; you can’t surf where there are also swimmers. If I find a good spot, I will surf for an hour or an hour and a half.

BEACH WALK If the water is not good for surfing, I will take a walk on the beach. I walk the promenade every day, all year round, but in the summer I’m barefoot in a bikini. I’m going to do one to two miles, and I always meet someone I know. If I want to be alone, I walk east because there are not that many people, and if I want to meet people or visit the concessions, I will walk west.

LUNCH BREAK I usually go up to my patio, where I have a big giant umbrella, so I can rest from the sun. Lunch is usually sliced ​​turkey, avocado and tomato, crackers, some fruit, something light.

WORK WORK I’ll probably check my phone and see what’s up with Rock Locations. Has anyone contacted me? If I have a shoot in progress, I could check them out. Usually I go there early to watch them unload and see if they have any questions. I also take backstage photos for my social media, but I try to stay out of the way as much as possible. And then I’m on call; I won’t be leaving Rockaway on a shoot day.

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ON THE MARKET I could run to a farmers market if I couldn’t make it on Friday or Saturday. We have amazing markets: one is at Edgemere Farm and the other is called Rockaway Youth Task Farm which is run by local high school kids. It’s an incredible farm property where they grow some of their own produce, and some of it is imported. Some people just want to buy local, but I just want to support them, and their prices are right.

RETURN TO THE BEACH Now I say to myself, I have to go back to the beach. It’s usually less crowded in the afternoon, but that’s also when the wind starts to pick up. It gets a little more hectic. I just wanna be in the water so if it’s really not a day of surfing I’m going for a swim. My favorite light is sunset so if I can stay that long I will. I love being on my board at sunset; they might not be the best waves, but the light is just magical.

DINNER, MUSIC After I get home and shower, if Ben is there, we’ll go out to dinner sometimes. We’ll either go to the Rockaway Beach Surf Club for tacos at Tacoway Beach if there’s a short line, or we’ll go to Rockaway Beach Brewing Company. Then I could get on my bike and hop on the ride, because the magic of Rockaway is the free music, all along the ride. There is either a DJ or a band at Rippers, and in the concessions on 97th Street, and in Caracas. I tend to cycle to all of them, and see what music I like, and then I’ll stay there.

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LISTS BEFORE BED Mondays tend to be my busiest day, so I need to be ready to hit the ground. I’m a big list maker so I’m in bed with my phone – I know you’re not supposed to turn your bed into a desk, I know this rule, but I broke this rule. So I make a personal list and a list of Rock Locations for the next day. I recently went to our local bookstore, Avoid the Day, and bought three books. I was a voracious reader and can’t wait to read more this summer. At 10:30 or 11:00, however, I pretty much passed out.

Readers of the Sunday Routine can follow Claudia Bloom and Rock Locations on Instagram @rocklocations.

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