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How Bounty Runes and GPM work in Dota 2 after update 7.29

How Bounty Runes and GPM work in Dota 2 after update 7.29
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How Bounty Runes and GPM work in Dota 2 after update 7.29

With the discharge of update 7.29, the system of bounty runes and passive GPM (gold per minute) noticed a serious restructuring in Dota 2 that has left many gamers in confusion.

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— 『Ryan』 (@FiShyBoneRage) April 10, 2021

Redditor u/Anomalina89 went by means of all of the newly launched gold mechanics to find out the precise fee at which it capabilities in Dota 2.

For sure, gold is an especially invaluable useful resource in Dota 2 as it’s the solely in-game useful resource that enables gamers to buy gadgets to additional strengthen their hero.

The system of GPM and Bounty Runes in Dota 2 has been pretty easy for a very long time. Having mentioned that, Icefrog, the ingenious thoughts behind Dota 2, has launched sure main revamps to your entire system to make the in-game expertise a bit extra thrilling.

This is all the pieces that gamers must find out about Bounty Runes and GPM in Dota 2 following the 7.29 update.

Bounty Runes and GPM modifications in Dota 2 update 7.29

Beginning off with the in-game GPM values, gamers now obtain an ordinary worth of 100 GPM from the beginning minute as much as the 4: 59 minute mark in a recreation. Moreover, there are numerous tiers after which gamers obtain a boosted GPM fee relying on the in-game timer.

This is the whole checklist of all of the GPM boosts together with their respective tiers:

  • 100 GPM – Minute 0 to 4: 59
  • 106 GPM – Minute 5 to 21: 59
  • 112 GPM – Minute 22 to 39: 59
  • 120 GPM – Minute 40 to 61: 59
  • 128 GPM – Minute 62 and past.
The brand new GPM construction in Dota 2 7.29b (Picture by way of u/Anomaline89 – Reddit)

Aside from the GPM in Dota 2, the periodic bounty runes additionally observed a serious rework. Beforehand, gamers might acquire as much as 4 bounty runes that spawned at their fastened areas each 5 minutes.

Nevertheless, with the discharge of update 7.29, gamers can solely witness 4 bounty rune spawns concurrently through the begin of the sport.

Following the preliminary spawn, bounty runes spawn each three minutes contained in the respective Dire and Radiant jungles. Moreover, the worth for each bounty rune has additionally been modified with the brand new update.

In line with the brand new mechanics, the worth for every bounty rune will increase with each 5 minutes.


It has been additional confirmed that after the preliminary enhance from 40 gold to 45 gold on the five-minute mark, the worth of bounty runes is elevated by 9 gold each 5 minutes.

For instance, the bounty rune out there on the ninth minute will supply gamers with 45 gold, whereas the bounty rune showing on the twelfth minute will present 54(45+9) gold.

New bounty rune values in Dota 2 7.29b (Image via u/Anomalina89 - Reddit)
New bounty rune values in Dota 2 7.29b (Picture by way of u/Anomalina89 – Reddit)

The speed of enhance for bounty runes stays the identical all through a recreation of Dota 2, that means the quantity of gold obtained from these runes will increase by 9 with each 5 minutes.

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