How Can I Join the WWE?

You have to go to wrestling school before you can join the WWE. Move to Florida, get booked for fights there, and a top independent promoter will take notice. To join the WWE, you must be at least 18 years old.

Get healthy.

To join the WWE, the first step is to get in shape. Those under 18 should use this time to stay fit. When you are in good shape, wrestling school is much easier to get through.

Go to school for wrestling.

Apply to a reputable school for wrestling and finish the course. Join a school that is run by a former wrestler who did well. Find out how many of his old students are now in WWE or TNA.

Move to Florida

WWE’s official developmental territory is in Florida, making it the best place to start a wrestling career.

Talk to people in the know.

Talk to people in the business world, like promoters and professional wrestlers, and build relationships with them. In the world of wrestling, who you know is just as important as what you know. Stay away from people who ask for money to get you into games.

Get signed up for games

Book fights and do your best in the ring. Don’t worry too much about the money, because if you’re active in the ring, top independent promoters will notice you. Join the WWE if you get booked by Dragon Gate USA/EVOLVE Wrestling or the Ring of Honor.

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