How Can Rite Aid Employees Access Their Pay Stubs Online?

Rite Aid employees can check their pay stubs online by going to one of the websites suggested by the company. Pay Stubs Online says that rnation.riteaid.com and paperlesspay.talx.com/riteaid are two websites that Rite Aid employees should visit in 2013. Employees need to give certain information to get into either of these sites.

Pay Stubs Online says that Rite Aid employees need to use their user IDs and passwords that were given to them by the company in order to log in to rnation.riteaid.com. If an employee doesn’t know what information is needed or just got back from a leave of absence, they should talk to their payroll manager about getting access to their pay stubs again, as explained at rnation.riteaid.com.

Pay Stubs Online says that the information you need to use paperlesspay.talx.com is a little different. For the first time, employees must enter the user IDs and PINs that their payroll manager has given them. When a user gets into the site, they should change their PIN to something unique and easy to remember. Once this is done, users can get to their information by clicking on the Pay Advice Review icon and following the step-by-step instructions on the screen.

Users can see their W2 information on these sites as well as their pay stub information. Pay Stubs Online says that if an employee has trouble getting to information or using the recommended sites, they should tell their payroll manager.

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