How Can You Access Your W-2 Online From Tyson Foods?

Tyson Foods says that employees can get W-2 forms through the company intranet, which can be reached at TysonBenefits.com with a personnel number and personal identification number. You can also talk to a Human Resources manager or call the Tyson Foods Helpline at 1-877-824-0707 to get a W-2 form.

According to the website for the company, some online tools, such as Turbo Tax, let people import W-2 forms directly from their employers. Equifax Workforce Solutions says that W2Express.com is another website for importing W-2s. Users can just type in the name or code of the employer and do a simple search. On some websites, you can use this kind of tool for free, but you can usually also pay for the service.

Social Security says that federal law requires employers to send Copy A of an employee’s W-2 to the Social Security Administration every year. A W-3 form, which is a Transmittal of Income and Tax Statements, must also be sent by the employer. This lets employers report an employee’s wages and taxes for the year before.

Social Security says that the employer must give the worker a W-2. As part of the rules about W-2s, every employee who earned money or had Social Security or Medicare taxes taken out must fill out a W-2.

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