How Can You Find a Bank With a Free Coin Counter?

TD Bank, PNC Bank, and the vast majority of credit unions all provide free coin counters. Even if a bank does have a coin counter, not all of its locations will have one. The best way to find out if a teller is available is to call the bank directly. Even though some banks may offer free coin counting services to customers, most nevertheless charge a fee to those who are not bank customers.

A common feature at many financial institutions is the presence of automated tellers that can count and sort customers’ change and issue tickets that may be exchanged for cash at the teller counter. Some banks have tellers who manually operate the machine, and customers hand their change over the counter to be counted.

As a rule, credit unions are more likely than banks to have coin counting machines available for their members. As member-owned cooperatives, credit unions are organised to prioritise the needs of their customers. TD Bank and PNC Bank are two examples of commercial banks that offer coin counting services. Coin counting is free for account holders at both PNC and TD, however there is a cost of five percent for non-customers.

Other financial institutions, like Chase Bank and Wells Fargo, have stopped providing coin counting services as of 2015. These institutions now accept only pre-rolled coins of even denominations. It costs money for people who don’t have bank accounts to exchange their coins for bills at these locations.

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