How Can You Find Local Recycling Centers That Are Open on Sunday?

On the Recycling Centers Organization website, type your ZIP Code into the search box and then type in the search terms you want to find recycling centres in your area that are open on Sunday. When the results come up, look at the times the centres are open.

On RecyclingCenters.org, you can also look for recycling centres by state or by the materials they accept. The site has information about how to recycle electronics and save water. You can also use Recycler Finder to find recycling centres, but there are no filters for the hours they are open. After entering the ZIP Code and the area around it, you can look through the RecyclerFinder.com listings to see what days each centre is open.

YellowPages.com is another website that can help you find recycling centres that are open on Sundays. On the homepage, in the search box, type “recycling centres open on Sunday” and add your city and state. For example, when you type in the information for Los Angeles, California, you get a list of search results. The Temple Recycling Center is one of the places that come up. Then you can go to the website of this company or click on the link. As of 2015, clicking the link shows that the Temple Recycling Center is open on Sundays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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