How Can You Track the Location of a Metro PCS Phone?

MetroPCS has a website and app called MetroTotalProtection.com that can help you find a lost phone. Some MetroPCS phones may also have extra apps that can help you find them if you lose them, like the FindMyiPhone app for Apple iPhones.

MetroPCS customers who need to find a lost phone can go to the Metro Total Protection website, enter their phone number and password, and either have the phone sound an alarm or show the phone’s location on a map. If you click the Sound Alarm button at the top of the page, the sound alert will start, and if you click the Locate Phone button, the map will start. If you want, you can also use the Locate Phone map to get step-by-step directions to the phone’s location. You can also lock the phone and delete its contact list from the website. For these features to work, the Metro Total Protection app must be on the lost phone.

Phones with alternative location features usually work the same way as the Metro Total Protection app, but they may have some extra features. For instance, the FindMyiPhone app lets users lock their iPhones and show a message with a callback number on the screen so that whoever finds the phone can get in touch with the owner.

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