How Cuomo and His Team Retaliated Against His Accusers

How Cuomo and His Team Retaliated Against His Accusers
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How Cuomo and His Team Retaliated Against His Accusers

How Cuomo and His Team Retaliated Against His Accusers

In a statement, Ms Kaplan said: ‘We were part of a group of people questioned about a public response to Ms Boylan’s allegations when they were first published in December 2020. Although it turns out the response was not was never published, I made it very clear that any response should never shame an accuser. Given the revelations in the NYAG report, I support and agree with Time’s Up that Governor Cuomo resign.

“It appears that we are being used as a cover,” Ms. Tchen said in an interview Thursday, noting that she had not been contacted by prosecutor general investigators. “We certainly did not give the green light to any attack on the survivors. We would never do that.

Although the letter was never published, the attorney general’s report indicates that a journalist saw a draft of it and parts of it were disclosed to another journalist. (The New York Times obtained drafts of the letter and emails in discussion after the attorney general’s report was released on Tuesday.)

Sean Hecker, Ms DeRosa’s attorney, said in a statement that she “consulted and relied on the advice of an experienced lawyer” in deciding whether staff records “could be made public.” Ms DeRosa told investigators she briefed Mr Cuomo of staff records after their leak in order to protect the governor from criticism. But other staff said they assumed the governor – known as a hands-on manager, especially when it came to press strategy – had approved the disclosure.

“We were shocked at the scale of the plot to discredit Lindsey,” said Jill Basinger, lawyer for Ms Boylan, who said Ms Boylan intended to prosecute the governor and his advisers for their conduct.

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The governor’s office did not respond to a request for comment.

Some in Mr. Cuomo’s inner circle believed the letter would backfire on him. In an email to Ms DeRosa, Annabel Walsh, who was Mr Cuomo’s programming director, gave a list of reasons not to make it public. The first one was just “Don’t do that”. Dani Lever, the governor’s former press secretary, said the letter would be a “humiliation for the victims”.

According to Ms. DeRosa’s testimony, Mr. Cuomo’s advisers also understood that the letter could be viewed as retaliation. It was certainly seen that way by other would-be accusers, including the executive assistant who said Mr Cuomo slipped his hand into her blouse and groped her chest.

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