How Cuomo Took Advantage of #MeToo

How Cuomo Took Advantage of #MeToo
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How Cuomo Took Advantage of #MeToo

How Cuomo Took Advantage of #MeToo

“I always get complaints from people who work in companies where several people have been exposed,” said Mariann Wang, a New York lawyer who represents two of the governor’s accusers.

One of the most striking aspects of the allegations against the governor is how they have been almost kept under wraps. One woman initially “intended to carry her experiences of harassment by the governor ‘to the grave”, “the report said. That only started to change when Ms Boylan publicly accused the governor of harassment on Twitter. She later said she spoke because Mr. Cuomo had been mentioned as a candidate for the post of attorney general in the Biden administration – a prospect she found alarming.

In one case, he may have even used his image as a fighter for women to prepare a victim. Ms Bennett, a former executive assistant in Mr Cuomo’s office, said he focused on his experience as a college sexual assault survivor before making advances on her. She “gave him the benefit of the doubt because of who he was publicly,” said Ms. Katz, his lawyer.

Now women who believed in this image feel betrayed. “He has a cloud of illegality, sexism and misogyny above his head, and what is most upsetting: he was a vocal, aggressive and effective advocate for women and girls,” said Christine Quinn, former spokesperson for New York. City council and former ally of the governor. “Was it all just a show?” “

Time’s Up worked extensively with Mr. Cuomo to pass legislation. These accomplishments are important, but “it feels like we are serving as a cover now,” said Tina Tchen, its chief executive, who has been criticized for her involvement with the governor.

Ms Burke said she had never had a deep relationship with Mr Cuomo, but had feelings for other advocates who had. “A lot of people don’t realize how much our work is at the mercy of these men,” she said, adding: “If I have the ear of the legislator who can make a difference, I will m ‘align with that person. “

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But Time’s Up executives did more than work with Mr. Cuomo on the legislation.

After Ms Boylan raised the first public accusations of harassment, the governor’s office went to work to discredit her. Ms Tchen, along with Roberta Kaplan, president of Time’s Up and co-founder of its legal defense fund, discussed a draft opinion letter aimed at smearing Ms Boylan’s character. (The letter was never published.)

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