How Do I Make Dark Blue Paint?

Create dark blue paint by combining blue and black paint. This requires only a few seconds to complete. You will need blue paint, black paint, white paint, a mixing stick, and a container.

Determine how much paint is required.

Examine the area to be painted in order to calculate how much paint is required. Overestimate the quantity required to adequately cover the surface.

Start with the blue paint

Because blue is the basic colour, begin by applying blue paint. Place the correct quantity in the container.

Incorporate the black paint

Measure out the black paint with care. Start with a very little amount, approximately one part of white paint to ten parts of blue paint. Combine the two hues in depth. If the blue is not sufficiently dark, apply more black until you achieve the required shade.

Include white paint

If you use too much black paint and create a shade of blue that is too dark for your purposes, add white paint to brighten it. Too much white might lead the paint to become grey and murky. Add little amounts of white until the colour is adequately lightened.

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