How Do I Start My Own Phone Hotline?

Setting up a pay-per-call phone option to accept incoming calls is necessary for launching a phone hotline business that generates money on each call. A number of online pay-per-call firms offer dialling capabilities for a telephone hotline. After picking a service, the consultant is provided with a unique 800 number to promote to callers.

When callers dial the 800 number, they hear a greeting recorded by the consultant. This message contains instructions on how to pay for the call, which typically involves entering credit card information. Alternately, the expert may answer the call live and explain the procedure. After the consumer has paid and billing has been confirmed, the consultant engages the customer in conversation for a set period of time. Callers may be charged per minute or a fixed rate per call.

Marketing is required for a phone hotline firm, which can be accomplished in a number of ways. One strategy is to promote the service in online yellow pages. An option to dial a phone number might be included in a basic yellow page ad. Creating an informative website that describes the hotline service to potential clients is another option. Each call to the integrated hotline number is logged on the website.

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