How Do You Access a List of Nadcap-Approved Suppliers?

On eAuditNet.com, you can find a list of Nadcap-accredited suppliers. This website has a database that lets people search for Nadcap-approved businesses for free, but you have to sign up for an account before you can use the site.

Nadcap, which used to be called the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program, comes up with standards for how things are made in the aerospace and defence industries. Nadcap does audits to make sure that manufacturers are meeting this standard. Nadcap gives certification for processes like aerospace quality systems, chemical processing, measuring and inspecting, making metals, and non-traditional machining and surface enhancement. About 5,000 audits are done by Nadcap each year. When Nadcap is done with an audit, a group of people from the industry read it and then vote on whether or not it is good enough.

Nadcap gives its members training on things that are important for getting accreditation. It also gives people who want to do audits training on how to do them.

The Airbus Group, BAE Systems, Honeywell Aerospace, Lockheed Martin, and Spirit AeroSystems are all companies that belong to Nadcap. In 1990, SAE International, which is a group of engineers, started Nadcap. Nadcap is run by the Performance Review Institute, which is based in Warrendale, Pennsylvania. Most of Nadcap’s audits happen in the Americas, but as of 2016, it is growing its presence in other parts of the world. There are offices for Nadcap in London, Beijing, and Nagoya.

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