How Do You Access the Winn-Dixie Employee Portal?

As of the year 2015, you can log onto the Winn-Dixie employee portal by going to MyWinn-Dixie.com, selecting your employee type, and entering your login and password. Benefits information, pay stubs, personal account updates, and schedule access can all be found on this portal for employees.

An employee of Winn-Dixie, a subsidiary of Southeastern Grocers Corporation, can register for a login to the company’s employee portal upon starting work. Store employees at any of the company’s physical locations should select the Store Team Login option, input their employee ID as the username, and enter the password provided by their manager. Access to the site is only available to store and field support staff through the Support Center Login option, which requires a unique login and password. When a retail worker’s password is compromised, they can reset it using a reset facility that asks for their Social Security number and store number.

The employee portal is there to serve as a single point of access for all HR-related needs for all employees. Health insurance and retirement plan options, if any, should be researched and chosen at this time. Employees can read their withholdings and payment amounts on their pay stubs and in the payment details, while some tax forms may need them to log onto other websites.

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