How Do You Access Your AAFES Self-Service Paystubs?

Self-Service.AAFES.com/Self-Service is where you’ll enter your Top Secret Security ID and password to gain access to your AAFES self-service pay stubs. The TSS officer in charge of you should issue you a TSS ID.

The TAO(EMC2) Bulletin Board of TSS-Security-Officer has a section labelled “TSS Security Officers by Location” where you may get a list of TSS officers. To access the TSS system using the credentials provided to you by a TSS officer, please double check that your TSS ID is no longer than eight numbers and that your TSS password is between five and eight characters in length. Payroll details can be accessed from the main menu once you’ve logged into the AAFES portal.

A TSS ID may start with “TS” or “Y,” and a TSS password should not start with a number. Your TSS officer should be contacted if your TSS ID does not comply with these standards. The TSS password is also not allowed to include any of the following: special characters; consecutively repeated characters; computer phrases; obscene language; or the user’s name.

If you have already registered for this site but have forgotten your password, please call the HR Support Center using the number provided there. The availability of a certain HR support number may be conditional on your country of residence. If you’ve already tried them and still can’t log in, try enabling cookies in your browser settings. If cookies are disabled, the AAFES employee portal cannot be accessed.

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