How Do You Check a MoneyPak Balance?

MoneyPak prepaid card balance inquiries can be made via short messaging service (SMS) or over the phone. Green Dot, from whom you can check the balance of your MoneyPak card, is the issuing bank.

MoneyPak balances are always viewable, even after additional funds have been added. If you receive a phone message or text message displaying your balance, it should accurately reflect the current balance, including any recent additions. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, and perhaps much less, to check a balance. Mainly, you may check your account balance by:

Make sure by calling in.

You can call the customer support number shown on the back of your card to get your balance over the phone.

A text message verification

The short message service (SMS) can also be used. Due to the fact that it is a computerised system, it may be accessed whenever it is most convenient for the user. All that is required is a regular old cell phone to complete the procedure. A text message to the number 43411 must be sent from the cardholder’s phone. The last four digits of the cardholder’s MoneyPak prepaid card should follow the space in the message, which begins with “BAL.” Such as the example given above (BAL 1234) Green Dot, the company that services the card, will then reply with the card’s balance by text message.

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