How Do You Check Your U.S. Bank ReliaCard Balance?

According to U.S. Bank in 2015, you can check your U.S. Bank ReliaCard balance by logging into your account at USBankReliacard.com, signing up for SMS or email notifications, calling Cardholder Services, or using an ATM. Available in numerous app stores, the mobile app can also provide balance amounts.

Text BAL to 90831 to sign up for balance alerts, according to U.S. Bank. You can also set up SMS and email alerts using your ReliaCard online account with U.S. Bank. The mobile application also allows you to view transactions and locate the nearest ATM.

According to U.S. Bank, ReliaCards are prepaid and reloadable debit cards that function similarly to other debit cards. As long as adequate funds are available, a customer can use the card to make purchases and bill payments online, via mail, or in person. A consumer may also choose to receive cash back on purchases made at partnering stores. Withdrawing money from an ATM is another way to obtain cash.

U.S. Bank claims that a consumer can also obtain cash from a teller at a Visa bank or credit union. However, the teller does not have access to the card’s balance, thus it is essential to know the card’s remaining balance. A customer may make a purchase for a greater amount than what is available on his card, but he must use a second method of payment to cover the difference.

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