How Do You File a Complaint at Walmart Headquarters?

Customers may make complaints with Walmart by email, postal mail, and a toll-free telephone line. As opposed to Walmart locations, any complaints must be directed directly to the company’s headquarters.

Prior to registering a complaint, use Walmart.com to identify the store where the problem occurred. There is a number assigned to store locations, which can be used in future interactions referencing the complaint.

Walmart.com provides a link for customers to submit comments regarding their customer experience, request information about brands and inventory, provide business feedback, and ask product-related inquiries. Upon selecting one of these options, users are prompted to enter the specified data. This includes contact information and incident-specific details.

Customers may also dial 1-800-WALMART, or 1-800-925-6278, to reach Walmart’s toll-free number. Request a customer care agent and provide the store number of the Walmart location in question; then express the complaint in detail. Additionally, customers may request a follow-up phone call to check that all of their complaints have been adequately addressed.

The Walmart website indicates that phone and email are the recommended contact methods. Customers may also send concerns to Walmart’s headquarters via postal mail. 702 SW 8th Street, Bentonville, Arkansas 72716 is the address.

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