How Do You Find a Bank DTC Number?

The DTCC website features a member directory where you may look up the Depository Trust Company number for a specific bank. Look up phone numbers without spending a dime and sort the results by alphabet or by phone number. You may also locate a directory of depositories and other settling banks through this one central location.

Check out the DTCC online.

To access the Client Center, visit the Depository Trust Company’s website.

Look up a fellow DTC member here.

Click on DTC Directories to access the list of directories that may be found in the menu bar on the right.

Sort records alphabetically or numerically

To access the lists, click the appropriate link (Alphabetical or Numeric) in the header. In order to make use of the numerical listing, you must have the DTC number for the institution in question. Right next to each listed business’s name in alphabetical order is a phone number.

Locate Financial Institutions Responsible for Settlement

To facilitate settlement, an alphabetical list of settling banks is provided. To view the listings and their associated ABA numbers, select the relevant tab. The list’s publication date corresponds to the Sunday at when its components were assembled.

Look for direct registration services and banks willing to act as pledgees.

To access databases of direct registration services and banks that accept pledges, use the tabs provided. On the right side of the page, you’ll see an alphabetical list of pledgee banks alongside a numerical index of direct registration services and limited participation.

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