How Do You Find a Property’s Lot Number?

Find a property’s lot number by going to the website for the county where the property is located and finding the property search tool, which may be under a section for an assessor or tax board. Use the tool to find the property by its address, and then look at its lot number. You may also need to call the county directly or go to the right city hall to get information about the lot number.

Many cities keep track of land at the county level, usually through the office of the county assessor. This office gives all land a registration number and keeps records of important information, like who owns it, how much it costs, and how big it is. Some county assessors give their residents an online tool that lets them look up information about their property without needing to get permission from the local government first. Most of the time, these tools let users look for a property by its street address. They can choose from properties that match and see the lot number as one of several fields in each property’s listing.

If the websites for the county assessor or similar governing bodies don’t have an online tool, residents should call that department to find out how to search for a property. In some cases, people who live in the city where the property is located may need to call city hall to find out who to talk to. In some places, residents may have to go to an office to fill out a paper requisition form or look through paper records to find the lot number.

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