How Do You Find a Quest ATM?

You can find out where Quest ATMs are by using the search tools on Yellowpages.com or the websites of your state’s welfare departments. On Yellowpages.com, you can find Quest ATMs by typing “Quest ATM Locations” into the search bar on the home page and then typing the name of the city you want to look in. If available, the results show the ATM’s address, phone number, directions, and a link to its website. When you click on each location, you can get more information, such as the hours it is open.

The Electronics Benefits and Services Council handles transactions for people who use the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, which used to be called the Food Stamp Program. This is done with the help of the Quest network. The Florida Department of Children and Families says that a Quest sign on an ATM lets people with EBT cards know that they can use their cards there.

In addition to being on ATMs, the Quest symbol is often found in checkout lines at grocery stores and other stores, as well as on store windows and doors. The Quest symbol also lets you know that it can be used at electronic POS terminals. POS terminals are often used instead of traditional cash registers to check if there are funds on the EBT card and make it easier for the money to be transferred to the business.

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