How Do You Find Businesses by ZIP Code?

Multiple websites, such as Yellowpages.com, Manta.com, and MerchantCircle.com, offer search options for locating businesses by ZIP code. To use these search tools to locate businesses by ZIP code, enter the ZIP code and additional information about the business into the search boxes.

In the What Do You Want to Find search box on Yellowpages.com’s homepage, enter the business information you are seeking. You can enter a business’s name, category, description, and additional information. Next, enter the ZIP code of the location you wish to search in the Location search box. Click the Search icon to display businesses within the specified ZIP code that match your search criteria.

Manta.com offers a comparable search engine. Click the Find a Business link on the homepage to use the business search tool. Enter the relevant information in the box labelled Find Products, Services, and Businesses. Enter the desired ZIP code into the Location search box and then click the Go button. The website then lists businesses in that ZIP code that match your search parameters.

MerchantCircle.com provides a search engine for locating local retailers. In the boxes provided on the homepage, input the business’s details and the ZIP code. Click Start Search to view a list of businesses within the specified ZIP code.

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