How Do You Find Discover ATM Locations?

To locate Discover ATM locations, visit Discover.com and select ATM Locator from the Help & Support menu at the bottom of the page. Enter the target address, ZIP code, or nearby landmark, and then press the Find button. Alternately, you can choose Utilize Current Location to have the computer use your current location to locate an ATM. If chosen, only display surcharge-free ATMs will be displayed. Since 2016, surcharge-free ATMs are identified by orange symbols.

Discover emphasises that cardholders who use a surcharge-free ATM are exempt from ATM fees; nevertheless, if a cardholder withdraws cash from an ATM, the corresponding fees still apply. In addition to utilising an ATM, cardholders can obtain cash using a bank, by cashing a check, or by putting a cash advance directly into their checking account. To withdraw cash from a bank using a Discover card, the cardholder must produce both the card and photo identification.

According to Discover, in order to withdraw cash from an ATM using a Discover card, the cardholder must know his PIN. Cardholders can generate new PINs or modify an existing PIN via a link on Discover.com. Discover cards are accepted at ATMs displaying the PULSE logo or the Discover network acceptance symbol.

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