How Do You Find Fax Numbers for Businesses?

To find fax numbers for businesses, type the name of the business into a White Pages or Yellow Pages online phone book. Scroll through the information about the business and pick the number that says “fax.”

Fax machines are still used in many places of business on a daily basis. You can use them to send hard copies of documents to customers and suppliers. Since all of the information sent through a fax is encrypted, it can be a safer way to send sensitive information. Also, many courts will accept faxes as legal proof. Follow the steps below to find a business’s fax number:

Go to a site that lists things.

Most business fax numbers are listed in directories, so these are a good way to find fax numbers.

Pick the business choice.

Choose the “Look up a business number” option.

Type in the name and address of the business.

Type the name and location of the business into the search bar and do a search.

Find the fax listing

“Fax” should always come before a fax number. If there isn’t a fax number listed, it’s possible that the business doesn’t have a fax line. There may be other ways to talk, like a phone line, email, or sending faxes over the Internet. These are scanned documents that are sent over the Internet instead of by phone.

A local Small Business Association might have a list of local businesses with information on how to contact them. There are many other ways to share information than through fax machines, so not all businesses have them. If a business doesn’t have a fax number, there are other ways to send information, like by mail or email.

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