How Do You Find the Highest Paying Recycling Centers in Your Area?

Search the Yellow Pages or Earth911 to locate recycling centres in your area, then call each business to inquire about their buying rates for the products you intend to recycle. You can specify the type of recyclable material you’re looking for on Earth911, like glass or metal.

To recycle, ferrous metals (those with iron) are more valuable than non-ferrous metals. Quickly determining whether or not a metal is ferrous can be done by seeing if a magnet will stick to it. Alloys of steel and iron are common ferrous metals used to make things like automobiles and common household appliances. Copper, brass, and aluminium are examples of non-ferrous metals often used in construction.

Copper, which can be found in things like old wires and plumbing pipes as well as holiday light strings, is the most precious metal for recycling. Brass, used in everyday home objects like lighting fixtures or keys, is the second most valuable scrap metal to recycle.

Bottles and cans can also be recycled. Depending on the state, residents might receive anywhere from 5 cents to 10 cents for returning empty bottles and cans. Bottle return centres are machines found in many places that accept empty bottles and cans in exchange for payment vouchers.

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