How Do You Find the Nearest LESCO Dealer?

Visit JohnDeereLandscaping.com, click the Location link at the top of the page, and input your ZIP code to locate the nearest LESCO dealer. The search gives a list of all nearby LESCO dealers.

LESCO is a product brand of professional landscaping equipment manufactured by John Deere Landscapes and available at numerous John Deere retail locations and other landscaping supply companies. You can shop online for LESCO equipment at JohnDeereLandscaping.com by selecting the Product Catalog link from the Product menu and searching the Complete Product Catalog.

JohnDeereLandscaping.com also provides links to specs for all currently manufactured LESCO equipment, including aerators, renovators, sprayers, and spreaders. Each product’s specification document includes dimensions, engine type, and weight, as well as a diagram depicting qualities that separate LESCO products from those of other manufacturers. A list of items that can be purchased to boost performance and minimise the amount of time and fuel necessary to execute a task comprises the optional accessory list.

LESCO lacks accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. Despite this, the BBB has awarded LESCO an A grade due to the tiny amount of consumer complaints. In the three years before to 2015, only one client had filed a complaint against the company.

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