How Do You Get an ADT Security Certificate?

To get an ADT security certificate, you must have an authorised ADT dealer install and turn on an ADT security system. The security certificate is part of the materials ADT gives to new customers when they sign up. If you need more certificates, you can get a copy by calling ADT’s customer service or by using the company’s mobile app.

An ADT security certificate is proof that an authorised ADT security system is protecting a property. You can show this certificate to your insurance company to get a discount on your homeowner’s insurance. Insurance companies have different rules about who can get the discount and how much they will give.

ADT says that this discount could be worth up to 20% of the monthly premium for homeowner’s insurance. Its online FAQ also says that as of August 2015, this discount only applies to ADT-monitored systems. If you don’t have an ADT subscription and use a system that isn’t monitored, you don’t get the discount.

A security certificate and an alarm permit are not the same thing. Some places need alarm permits, which are given out by the state, county, or city where the alarm is located. Get in touch with the local police department to find out if you need a permit for your alarm. Alarms that don’t have the right permits can get you in trouble, and the police aren’t always required to respond to alarms that don’t have the right paperwork.

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