How Do You Log in to the Paragon EPay System?

Your six-digit birth date in the format of month, day, and year serves as your PIN for the Paragon ePay system, which you can access at ParagonePay.com after entering your Social Security Number. For future ID verification, please click the Enroll Now button, create a security image, and answer the security questions.

After you’ve secured your account, it’s a good idea to choose a new PIN number that’s easier to remember and has between eight and sixteen digits. To avoid security issues, only use numbers when creating your PIN. Go ahead and check out the primary menu where you can access features like checking your paycheck and validating your identity and employment status.

To log in to the Paragon pay system using the phone, call 866-604-3729, and log in to your account by entering your Social Security Number and default PIN. When prompted, enter a new PIN and make sure it contains eight to sixteen digits. The phone’s various features can be accessed by dialling the appropriate key combination. For instance, by pressing 1, callers can see their pay stubs or make a fax request, and by hitting 3, they can see the status of their fax. Users can modify their personal identification number (PIN) by pressing the 5 button, while pressing 0 connects them with an agent.

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