How Do You Log in to V23 on the SLDCADA Website?

NADP employees need a Common Access Card to log in to V23 from the SLDCADA website. The employee must first use their Common Access Card to log in to the SLDCADA site. Then, they must choose “V23 login” to enter their hours for payroll. Only Internet Explorer can be used to get to the SLDCADA site.

Direct supervisors are the only ones who can give information and help about how to use the SLDCADA website and the V23 area. Employees use the system to put in their time and attendance, and the command POC and the employees’ supervisors keep an eye on the system. Supervisors can change the schedules of their workers whenever they need to. After an employee starts work, it takes between two and three weeks for them to get a Common Access Card. In the meantime, their supervisors keep track of their time and attendance.

For one pay cycle, new employees must stick to a schedule of eight hours per day. If an employee is having trouble with the SLDCADA website or the V23 link, he should first talk to his supervisor before trying to fix the problem himself. If the problem can’t be fixed by the supervisor, the worker must talk to his local POC.

Only time and attendance are recorded with this system. The employee should use the “MyPay” system to make changes to tax documents and personal information, and his supervisor should sign off on those changes.

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