How Do You Obtain a Murphy USA Gas Card?

Murphy USA says that people can get a gas discount card from their website. Some of their cards, like the Murphy USA Platinum Edition Visa, may require a credit check before approval.

Murphy USA says that a customer can sign up for a gas discount card online by linking the card to a checking account. Cardholders can save 3 cents per gallon on gas at Murphy USA and Murphy Express locations. Like a debit card, this card uses money from the account that it is linked to.

Murphy USA tells customers that they can apply for the Murphy USA Platinum Edition Visa online. With this card, customers can save 4 cents per gallon and get 1% cash back on purchases. Prepaid gas cards or gift cards from Murphy’s can be bought in $25, $50, $75, or $100 amounts.

Murphy USA says that business customers can sign up online for one of two fleet cards for their drivers: the Private Label Card, which can only be used at Murphy locations, or the Universal Card, which can be used at most gas stations. Depending on how much gas a person buys each month, both cards can save them up to 4 cents per gallon. The card service has detailed reports that let drivers keep track of how much they spend.

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