How Do You Redeem KeyBank Rewards?

By login into an online bank account, selecting account information, and clicking the rewards points link, cardholders can redeem KeyBank rewards points. KeyBank rewards cardholders receive automatic access to a website containing a wide variety of redeemed items. New cardholders must wait 48 hours before gaining access to the website for redemption.

By login into their online account and accessing the travel areas of the redemption website, KeyBank rewards cardholders can book air, hotel, and vehicle rental travel accommodations. Cardholders can use their points to pay for all or a portion of their travel expenses, and they can also pay for some expenses with a credit or debit card. Individuals using a KeyBank private Mastercard credit card can utilise their rewards points permanently, as they never expire. Traditional KeyBank reward cards accrue points that expire after 48 months.

On Key.com, rewards cardholders can obtain the rewards point guide. They can redeem points for gift cards from retailers and restaurants, electronics, and charitable donations, among other categories. KeyBank credits cash back point rewards straight to the debit or credit card of the cardholder, and there is no cost for redeeming points. Paying bills with the card or buying at local merchants earns cardholders automatic rewards points. Participants in the programme can shop for special offers and gain bonus points.

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