How Do You Redeem RCI Elite Rewards?

RCI says that to use your RCI Elite Rewards, go to RCIEliteRewards.RCI.com, click on Reward Items, and pick the items you want. You can choose to redeem only reward points or a combination of cash and reward points.

RCI says that the level of reward for each Elite Reward item is different. Those with a feature called “Rewards and Dollars” let you buy things with both your reward points and U.S. dollars. Just type in the number of points you want to use, and the cost in U.S. dollars will be shown to you automatically. You can use your credit card to pay the rest of the bill, and once the items have been sent to you, you can look at the charges on your credit card bill.

As of 2015, cardholders could choose from RCI Reward Items, Travel Reward Items, Entertainment Reward Items, Retail and Dining Reward Items, and Entertainment Reward Items. Merchandise Reward Items and Charity Choice Gift Card Reward Items are some of the other choices.

RCI says that the RCI Elite Rewards programme lets timeshare owners earn one Reward for every dollar they spend. You can also get bonus points when you buy something from RCI or Bonus Reward Partners. If you want rewards, keep your account in good standing. When people buy things with their credit cards, they can earn as many rewards as they want. RCI sometimes gives out special amounts of Bonus Rewards as part of a promotion.

To place an order by phone, call 877-587-8742 to reach customer service.

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